New Kickstarter campaign brings relief to active people with portable drying pack

New Kickstarter campaign brings relief to active people with portable drying pack

Which of us has never experienced the cold, clammy feeling of sweating inside our jackets after exercise or hard work? Dry-Active Technologies is putting an end to sweaty shirts with their upcoming Kickstarter campaign. Dry-Active is the world’s first wearable dehumidifier that decreases core humidity levels by up to 40 %. It creates a dry localized environment around your upper torso which enhances your comfort level while you engage in activities. Dry-Active’s Kickstarter campaign launched May 18 with early backers accessing the product for about USD 99 USD (CND 120)

Dry-Active’s patented system actively circulates air around your upper body, at the same time taking away the moisture inside your jacket. This is especially important in cold weather when wet fabrics sitting against the skin will transfer the cold from the surrounding environment. This will lead to a drop in your body temperature. Just think of how much colder a cool breeze feels on wet skin as opposed to when you are dry. By keeping your clothing drier, our system will prevent this additional cooling effect for a more consistent experience.

Dry-Active sits comfortably over your shoulders and instantly enhances the performance of any water-resistant or waterproof jacket you choose to wear. Lightweight and ergonomic, the product draws power from a USB battery that drives a circulation unit, drawing away moisture via airflow conduits. A refillable filter that uses common low-cost materials found in your local hardware store can last for a whole day’s use.

The built-in temperature and humidity sensors detect conditions within the user’s jacket, triggering activation. Settings can be adjusted and customized via the smartphone app.

“Dry-Active is a brilliant system that can sense when your activity levels increase and automatically controls the device to return you to a more comfortable state,” says co-founder Lawrence Liu. “While clothing exists to wick moisture away from the skin, there are many situations when its effectiveness is compromised. That’s where Dry-Active comes in.”

The Dry-Active App

Through Bluetooth connectivity, Dry-Active can be controlled by its smartphone app. The app allows users to turn the device on or off. It also monitors 20160519123806ENPRN369608-Dry-Active-90-1463661486MRtemperature and humidity readings. Users can even set their own personal comfort range to automatically activate when moisture levels rise, then shut off when the desired comfort levels are reached.

“Dry-Active looks deceivingly simple but it is not,” says co-founder Marco Tozzini. “I had to draw on all twenty years of my experience in design and automation, combined with a multitude of tests on different prototypes and systems to achieve today’s consistent positive results. Now I feel uncomfortable just thinking of doing my activity without wearing Dry-Active.”

Dry-Active is a perfect fit for:

–        Outdoor Workers: Whether you work in warmer or colder temperatures, Dry-Active ensures that your body is not adversely affected by excessive moisture inside your jacket. When heat is combined with other stresses such as hard physical work, loss of fluids and fatigue may occur. It may lead to heat-related illnesses, disability or worse. Dry-Active compliments other heat stress prevention techniques to help outdoor working warriors.

–        Bicycle Commuters: Pedalling a few miles can generate a good amount of sweat. Avoid looking like you just stepped out of a sauna with Dry-Active.

–        Skiers and Snowboarders: Having fun on the slopes generates different degrees of exertion at different times. Try sitting on a 15 minute chairlift ride in the cold right after sweating hard.  Moisture in your jacket makes you feel colder, faster! When you are working harder than what your jacket can handle, you need that extra help. With Dry-Active, you can automatically regulate the humidity levels in your jacket, so you feel more comfortable and dry.

–        Other Activities: Dry-Active can be used for fishing, hiking, traveling, even riding a scooter during a monsoon, basically anytime a jacket is required but the activity is causing you to sweat inside.

Dry-Active Technologies is the world’s first wearable dehumidifier that keeps active people more comfortable in their jackets. The patented system is lightweight, ergonomic and easy to use.    

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