Antonio Stefano launches International Fashion Brand with Signature Ties in Beverly Hills

Antonio Stefano launches International Fashion Brand with Signature Ties in Beverly Hills

Antonio Stefano, an international clothing line headquartered in Milan, Italy and San Diego, California, has made its entrée into the fashion world at the world famous 424 Beverly Drive venue May 13, 2016,  alongside esteemed international British fashion designer Antonella Commatteo. Both British designers, who ironically have Italian names, will be featured in an exclusive fashion show presented by the elite group Kiss the Monkeys Interactive as they launch their new division for “High Powered Lady Members,” encouraging women’s empowerment

20160516123958ENPRN367299-Stefano-Riznyk-90-1463402398MRFounder of the Antonio Stefano brand, Stefano Riznyk (Steven in Facebook), who has produced many large-scale fashion shows in San Diego, is making a statement by debuting his new brand in Beverly Hills. A successful high-level negotiator, film producer, and animal lover, Riznyk shares his excitement about joining forces with designer Commatteo. 

Riznyk launches his clothing line with a grander purpose to raise money to build an animalAntonio-Stefano-90-1463402398MR hospital for abused and abandoned dogs. “Our whole company has been created with animals in mind. I believe no animal should ever be mistreated. At no time will we ever use any animals’ parts to create any of our products.  I’ve created the clothing line to fund an animal hospital, and our goal is to donate at a minimum 25% of the profits of all sales to the hospital fund. I hope it will set an example for all businesses in America to choose a cause, any cause, and donate even half a percent of their profits to make the world a better place,” proclaims Riznyk.

The elegant silk Antonio Stefano ties will make it cool again for men to wear great ties. “At the end of the day, as men, the only three things we can accessorize are our belts, ties, and watches, and still remain mainstream. Wearing ties as statement pieces is a way to express ourselves,” asserts Riznyk.

Recently launching the brand on social media worldwide, first with men’s ties, the Antonio Stefano brand will soon include men’s and ladies’ wear.  

Riznyk’s innovative branding is certainly eye-catching eye candy, and cause-related marketing with a purpose. His goal is to sell enough high-end neck ties, men’s and ladies’ outfits, belts and purses, to build a USD 20 million diagnostic-intensive canine hospital to support all veterinary efforts in the Southern California area. 

The Kiss the Monkeys Interactive Ladies Launch event on May 13th at 424 Beverly Drive 90210, featuring the first-ever tie of Antonio Stefano, began with a red carpet event at 6:30, entertainment and fashion show at 8:30 p.m.

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