Legacy Business School to debut in New York this fall

Legacy Business School to debut in New York this fall

Legacy Business School, a private school offering a diverse range of fashion and entertainment industry programs, is set to debut in New York this September. Housed inside the Trump Tower on Manhattan’s prestigious Fifth Avenue, the institution will be an industry game changer offering students the opportunity to discover an alternative way of learning through a unique combination of traditional studies and real world business experiences

Legacy Business School will have strong ties with leading global businesses, key players in the entertainment industry, and major designers and fashion houses around the world. Designed to prepare tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and leaders, the institution’s unique, exclusive experience will offer engaging programs that will provide strong learning opportunities to students both in and outside of the classroom. Additionally, the institution will offer intimate classroom size, premier amenities, and high-end personalized student services.

“Our goal with Legacy Business School is to redefine the overall higher education experience for students,” said Alessandro Nomellini, Chief Executive Officer, Legacy Business School. “In addition to obtaining a traditional education, students will have the opportunity to make invaluable industry connections and put the concepts that they will be taught into practice in real world business settings.”

The institution will launch with a diverse team of faculty members along with an influential board of directors led by Ms. Kris Jenner, business tycoon andChris Jenner Chairwomen of the new business school international television star, who will serve as the Chairman of the Board. With decades of international business experience at hand and strong global connections, Ms. Jenner will be an asset to the institution in her position.

“My passion for entertainment and fashion in particular is what had led me to the institution,” shared Kris Jenner, Chairman of the Board, Legacy Business School. “In my role, I look forward to supporting the executive team in expanding Legacy Business School’s connections across the industries.”

Legacy Business School will offer a diverse range of certificate programs including 1, 2, or 4-year programs in business administration, management, finance, marketing, media and communications, entrepreneurship, fashion management and international business. The institution will also offer short-term certificate programs in fashion or entertainment management, internet marketing, event management, public relations, and editorial management.

Located inside the world-renowned Trump Tower on Manhattan’s prestigious Fifth Avenue, Legacy Business School is a private school offering 1, 2, or 4-year certificate programs as well as short-term certificates in the business, finance, and management sectors in the fashion and entertainment industries. Set to debut in autumn 2016, the institution’s primary objective is to prepare the entrepreneurs and visionary leaders of tomorrow by redefining the traditional education curriculum. The education offered at Legacy Business School extends passed the walls of the campus, into a city, and at the centre of the world.


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