Turning colour dreams into reality with the Colour Atlas by Archroma

Turning colour dreams into reality with the Colour Atlas by Archroma

Archroma, a global leader in colour and specialty chemicals, announced today its Colour Management service business is launching a cotton poplin colour library with over 4300 readily available new shades.

Archroma’s Colour Management customers have come to rely on 16 years of recognized expertise in the formulation, standardization and management of custom colours along the entire textile supply chain; a service that the company pioneered when it was devised and launched by its team back in 2000.

Fashion designers, brands, retailers, and their suppliers are facing many challenges from global sourcing to ambitious deadlines. Archroma Colour Management ARCHPR058chelps them to achieve accurate colours, and accelerate their time to market with colour management services, unique software tools and support systems.

True to the company’s commitment to continuously challenge the status quo, Archroma’s colour management experts would not settle for just developing another colour library similar to what is already available on the market, they decided to change the approach altogether.

Colour Atlas by Archroma®

The result is Colour Atlas by Archroma, a colour library created to easily bring colour creativity and manageability to an entire new level for stylists and designers, brands and retailers, and their suppliers.

The Colour Atlas by Archroma is a system that includes:

•             A “physical library” consisting of over 4300 colours, in 6 volumes. The new accordion-fold design of the library volumes is an innovative step away from traditional three-ring binders, for quick and intuitive browsing of the cotton poplin samples. Colourful book covers indicate the shades that lie within each volume. Secure tabs help keep the swatches neat and ordered while allowing them to be easily removed;

•             A mobile-friendly Colour Atlas Online with exciting features such as “colour-on-the-go” which allows you to capture an image using your smart phone, and identify the closest Colour Atlas shades with the possibility to purchase a colour sample instantly;

•             “Engineered Colour Standards” connected to robust online technical databases via mobile communication technology (patent pending).

“With our new Colour Atlas tool, we believe that we are redefining the concept of a colour library for the textile industry”, says Brad McClanahan, Head of Service Businesses at Archroma Textile Specialties. “We offer what we believe is a unique set of tools – through web-based software and customized services – for colour selection, colour development, colour standards, and the communication of seasonal colour palettes.”

“Some features of the Colour Atlas are already creating a lot of excitement with the designers who have had a sneak preview of the tools, such as the “colour-on-the-go” feature. With this feature, you can capture images that inspire you and quickly find colour options using just a smart phone,” adds Chris Hipps, Head of Archroma Colour Management. “We are also very excited about our patent-pending technology that adds swatch-specific information to each Engineered Colour Standard, giving retailers, brands and mills instant access to more colour information than ever.”

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