Awards – Connelly recognized with AATCC Education Award


Connelly recognized with AATCC Education Award

In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the educational and training activities of AATCC, Roland L. Connelly, Sr. was honoured with the AATCC Education Award at this year’s AATCC International Conference in Williamsburg, Virginia, USA

Throughout his career, Connelly has been involved in the Association’s educational activities, sharing his knowledge of colour science. He participated on steering committees to develop program content, and served as program chair, moderator, and presenter at numerous workshops, symposia, and international conferences offered by AATCC.

Connelly has served as secretary and chair of AATCC’s RA36, Colour Measurement Test Methods Committee. In 1977, when RA36 conducted its first Colour AATCC ConnellyMeasurement Workshop, Connelly was involved with the program development and presented, Sample Presentation and Specific Procedures. He has been instrumental in the program’s evolution and has spoken and facilitated breakout sessions over the workshop’s 38-year history.  In 2007, under his direction and guidance, the Colour Measurement Workshop transitioned from colour measurement to colour management. This transition broadened the workshop’s attendance to include designers, merchandisers, product developers, retailers, specifiers, and others throughout the textile supply chain.

In June 2013, Connelly, under RoLyn Group Colour Consultants, presented an AATCC webinar titled, Colour Standards Update. Connelly was also instrumental in helping to develop the AATCC UV Calibration fabric, and in providing valuable technical assistance and training to the AATCC Technical Department in their administration of this program.

Over the years, Connelly has provided technical and educational assistance to AATCC staff when questions arise regarding AATCC Gray Scales and Chromatic Transference Scales.

Connelly joined AATCC in 1970, and served as AATCC President from 2003-2004. He has served on numerous administrative, technology, and research committees. It doesn’t take long to realize that colour is not just Connelly’s career, it’s his passion. From his colourful ties to his colourful email signature, Connelly’s life is surrounded in colour. 

AATCC and its members have benefitted from the time and talents he has freely given to educate individuals throughout the entire textile supply chain about the importance and the science of colour. 

The AATCC Education Award was created to recognize those members who have contributed extensively to the educational activities of AATCC. Those who receive this award will have made outstanding contributions to education and training activities, initiated new educational programs and content, and generously and repeatedly volunteered their time to educate others. The recipient of this award receives a recognition plaque and honorarium, presented at the AATCC International Conference. For more information about the Education Award, and a list of previous winners, visit

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