Successful Turkish seminar on Textile Sector and Textile Manufacturing Industry

Successful Turkish seminar on Textile Sector and Textile Manufacturing Industry

Organized by Economic Research Foundation and sponsored by Has Group Machinery Industry Company, the seminar of “Textile Sector and Textile Machinery Manufacturing Industry in the World and Turkey in the Light of Global Developments” took place at Kahramanmaras on April 28, 2016

In the Seminar, the place of Textile Machinery in economy, R&D studies, incentives, energy efficiency and high quality production were discussed. The Seminar was also organized to raise the public opinion’s attention after Kahramanmaras Textile Fair. Industrialists, textile manufacturers, academicians, the representatives of banks and financial institutions attended the seminar and expressed their opinions and suggestions. At the end of the Seminar, they reached a consensus on an issue; there is an urgent foundation need of Textile Ministry in Turkey.

Tamer Hasbay, the Chairman of Has Group, made the opening speech with Kahramanmaras Deputy Governor Erkan Bulgan and the President of Economic Research Foundation Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Incekara. In his speech, Mr. Hasbay said that the approximate growth rate in the world is 3 %. Mr. Hasbay also mentioned that it is anticipated to see a 40% raise in textile sector in the upcoming period, Turkey has a 2-2.5 % piece in the textile sector of the world and Has Group is equal to 10 % in this rate with its 1200 machine sales. Mr. Hasbay added to his words that 2 % of their turnover is used for R&D studies; they develop these R&D studies through the collaborations of various universities and textile firms, and target to increase this kind of studies.

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