BASF to increase production capacity for Basonat® hardeners

BASF to increase production capacity for Basonat hardeners

BASF is investing to expand its existing production facilities for Basonat® hardeners at its Ludwigshafen site, significantly increasing its local production capacity. By doing so, the company will strengthen its position as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of aliphatic polyisocyanates as cross-linkers for two-component polyurethane coatings (2K PU). The additional capacity will be available by year-end 2017

“There has been a considerable increase in global demand for our high-quality Basonat hardeners over the last few years. With this investment, we are addressing that demand while also increasing our supply reliability,” says Ulf Neidlein, Vice President, responsible for BASF’s resin and additive business in Europe. Aliphatic polyisocyanates for 2K PU applications are a global growth area for BASF. In addition to expanding its Ludwigshafen production facilities, BASF began setting up additional capacities at its site in Caojing, China, as early as 2014.BASF

Customers use Basonat resins to formulate automotive and industrial coatings, furniture and flooring coatings as well as adhesives. In addition, BASF offers a broad portfolio of binders, light stabilizers and formulation additives for 2K PU coatings that can be perfectly combined with Basonat hardeners.

The Dispersions & Pigments division of BASF develops, produces and markets a range of high-quality pigments, resins, additives and polymer dispersions worldwide. These raw materials are used in formulations for coatings and paints, printing and packaging products, construction chemicals, adhesives, fibre bondings, plastics, paper as well as for electronic applications such as displays. With its comprehensive product portfolio and its extensive knowledge of the industry, the Dispersions & Pigments division offers its customers innovative and sustainable solutions and helps them advance their formulations.

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