Has Group forms 250th R&D Centre in Turkey

Has Group forms 250th R&D Centre in Turkey

Fikri Işık, The Minister of Science, Industry and Technology of Turkey, said that one more R&D centre is added to the Turkish official list of R&D centres, namely No. 250 was awarded the Certificate  to Has Group Machinery Industry Company, which operates in the textile machinery manufacturing sector. Minister Işık explained: “Approximately 26500 R&D personnel work at the institutions with R&D centre certificate, almost 5000 projects are conducted, and also there are 1060 registered patents, and there are roughly 4000 pending patent applications”

Building R&D Centre as a department to design the future, just like many other companies creating technology, Has Group started working for the centre in 2015, and made the application on March 1, 2016. The application was approved on April 28, 2016 and Tamer Hasbay, the Chairman of Has Group, expressed his appreciation after the statement and the certificate received from the Ministry: “Your competitive power at the market depends on your innovativeness, machines and processes you developed. That’s why our operations and expectations of R&D Centre include developing new products, realizing prototype manufacturing in line with the requirements or demands, identifying our positive and negative sides, making comparisons by evaluating ourselves through the customer’s eyes in order to take necessary precautions on time, working to raise energy saving and productivity on current products, and making controls of electricity plc system, software development and modern machine interface.”


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