Maven Women moves the needle in the global fashion industry

Maven Women moves the needle in the global fashion industry

Former public interest lawyer, non-profit leader, and social justice advocate Rebecca Ballard launched Maven Women to move the needle in the global garment industry After working on labour and human rights issues domestically and around the globe, Rebecca concluded that consumer-based advocacy is essential for industry change

Maven Women“I wanted to embody social justice, not just in my career as a public interest lawyer but also in the clothes that I wear.” – Rebecca Ballard

Rebecca created Maven Women to empower both the garment workers who make their clothing and the women who wear it, weaving together elegance and social consciousness.

Social entrepreneurs, industry innovators, and thoughtful consumers will drive change together Dozens of change makers in the fashion industry, including designers, advocates, and industry leaders, came together to celebrate the launch of Maven Women on the eve of the Copenhagen Fashion Summit. The Copenhagen Fashion Summit is the largest global gathering of fashion industry leaders around sustainability in fashion. These innovators and many more around the globe are investing in creating the partnerships required to enable long term, transformative change in the fashion industry.

Maven Women is a socially conscious fashion company moving the needle in the global fashion industry by creating a socially conscious clothing line, sharing resources enabling informed buying decisions, and thoughtfully engaging in industry-wide and cross-sector collaborations. Maven Women designs comfortable, flattering investment pieces for professional women created in the spirit of slow fashion. Styles are timeless wardrobe staples with interesting modern twists that are easily dressed up or down for an elegant day-to-evening look. Maven Women believes in the dignity of all people, environmental stewardship, and the tremendous transformative power of women uniting as a force for change.  

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