Swedish KappAhl as national partner for Eurovision 2016

Swedish KappAhl as national partner for Eurovision 2016

Swedish clothier KappAhl will be a national partner when the Eurovision Song Contest festivities come to Sweden for the finals on May 14, 2016

We will do our utmost to contribute to the folk festival that the Eurovision Song Contest is, says KappAhl’s Vice President Marketing Joakim Holmstrand.

KappAhl will participate in the festivities before and during the Eurovision Song Contest, the world’s largest music festival that unites Europe, with numerous activities.

Ahead of the competition various Eurovision celebrities will appear on KappAhl’s Web TV, “Backstage by KappAhl” that begins broadcasting on MayKappahl 2 5, 2016. There will be talks about memories and pop-experiences with artists like the Herrey brothers, Sanna Nielsen and Shirley Clamp, and material from behind the scenes of Europe’s largest TV production.

Kappahl 1.18000 KappAhl hangers in the pink Eurovision colour will be distributed during the week of the festivities in Stockholm. These will be used by the contestant delegations and for activities surrounding the event, such as on the official party place for the accredited and Eurovision members close to the Royal Castle.

In the Eurovision Village, Kungsträgården, visitors to KappAhl’s tent will be able to make their own Eurovision film, take selfies with a Eurovision touch and compete for tickets to the Eurovision finals.

KappAhl’s stores will be offering a specially designed party dress collection, Eurovision inspiration and competitions. On KappAhl’s website there will be possibilities to win tickets for the Eurovision final and other great prizes as well as getting information and inspiration on this year’s Eurovision Song Contest party.


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