Textiles Surface Designer founded agency to boost fashion Industry in NE England

Textiles Surface Designer founded agency to boost fashion Industry in NE England

Nicole Robotham a Textiles Surface Designer based in Newcastle, after becoming aware that many of her fellow were leaving the industry due to lack of local work set up an agency 92 Designs to boost people working in fashion industry in the North East of England

Ninety Two Designs is a print design company offering a range of exciting bespoke prints for the fashion industry. Their collection are carefully designed with great passion, pushing the boundaries of print design with a focus on trend originality, stunning colour and beautiful design.

Although still producing work herself Nicole has been concentrating on the business aspect of textiles. Nicole after finishing a three year Textiles degree at Cleveland College of Art and Design, she noticed there were few opportunities for surface pattern designers in the North East.

She said that moving to London, where most of the studios are, is not always an option or choice designers want to make.

UK designer helps othersShe wants to offer the designers a chance to have their work seen by fashion, interior and gift companies, and also provide advice and trend reports to future designers who would like to continue to produce new designs.

Through social media, Nicole has had huge interest from all over the UK, and also Sydney, San Francisco and Europe. She will be representing her clients at trade shows in London and also at sales appointments with buyers. Their work will be sold with copyright, mainly to fashion companies, but also to interior and gift companies.

There is so much talent in the North East, and there are more and more creative companies opening up, so it is a great time to be a designer in Newcastle and the surrounding areas.

Ninety Two Designs work with a diverse team of designers from a wide range of backgrounds, who share a passion for pattern and colour. Although they are based in the North East of England, they provide surface pattern designs to the leading fashion houses, retailers and fabric manufacturers worldwide.

Their ever growing collection of textile designers provide artwork aimed at the contemporary womenswear, swimwear, lingerie and accessories market, using a fusion of the most modern digital techniques with traditional artist skills. Attention to the latest fashion trends and needs of their customers, they adapt their collection regularly.

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