Indian filament yarns export to USA on decline

Indian filament yarns export to USA on decline

In March 2016, all types of filament yarns export aggregated 34.7 million kg, declined 10.5 % YoY, while value was down 17.1 % to USD 54.3 million. Filament yarns include polyester, nylon, polypropylene and viscose filament yarns and were exported to 77 countries during the month

More than 89 % of filament yarns were of polyester, of which, DTYs were the largest at 70.2 %. Brazil and Turkey continued to be the major importers of polyester filament yarns, followed by Bangladesh. The three together accounted for 42.4 % of polyester filament yarn exports. Brazil was also major importer of polyester DTYs and Turkey was major importer of PFYs.

Sri Lanka was the major importer of nylon filament yarn in March, while USA and Italy were the other largest markets for nylon filament.

Polypropylene filament yarns were exported to 15 countries in March, and Kenya was the major importer of PP yarns. Malaysia and Hungary were the other major importers of PP filament yarns in March.

Viscose filament yarns were exported to 23 countries from India in March valued at USD 3.85 million. During the month, 183000 kg of VFYs were exported to Germany. It was followed by Japan and Turkey.

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