BASF’s Creator Space programme to continue to support innovation

BASF’s Creator Space programme to continue to support innovation

BASF will continue the Creator SpaceTM program as part of its innovation process to foster co-creation and open innovation within the company. The program was launched during BASF’s 150th anniversary year. In around 50 initiatives around the globe, BASF employees discussed solutions to challenges with a focus on the three anniversary themes of food, smart energy and urban living with more than 6000 partners from industry, academia, government and society. These initiatives have led to more than 100 projects currently being pursued with partners. In addition, two projects are being carried out within corporate citizenship initiatives

“The knowledge and creativity of many minds can give rise to extraordinary ideas. This was the inspiration behind BASF’s 150th anniversary program. Creator Space proved to be an excellent way to foster intense exchange with external partners and generate new ideas,” said Dr Martin Brudermüller, Vice Chairman and Chief Technology Officer of BASF. “The Board decided to integrate co-creation formats into its innovation process with external partners.”

Margret Suckale, member of the Board of Executive Directors of BASF, commented on the outcome for BASF’s social engagement efforts: “The anniversary provided an opportunity not only to celebrate with employees and partners, but also to advance our sustainability and corporate citizenship efforts worldwide. In addition to the 150 projects launched by employees around the world with local NGOs in 2015, two projects underline the global approach of our social engagement strategy, aimed at measurable social impact and learning opportunities for both society and BASF.”

Among the projects being continued are a value chain partnership to provide low-income families with affordable, energy-efficient housing in Brazil; a new technology that aims to bring daylight into buildings; and a corporate citizenship pilot project to provide water and sanitation to slum communities being conducted with a non-profit organization near BASF’s new research campus in Mumbai, India.

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