What to expect from and around Techtextil/Texprocess North America in Atlanta, USA

What to expect from and around Techtextil/Texprocess North America in Atlanta, USA

Everyday items from tumblers and airplanes to automobiles and military body armor are comprised of composite materials. JEC Americas International Composites Event will bring together trailblazers and innovators in composites at the fifth annual international conference and exhibit show in Atlanta from May 3 – 5, 2016 concurrent with Techtextil/Texprocess North America in Atlanta, USA (May 3 -5, 2016)

In 2015, the U.S. composite materials industry grew 5.6 percent and reached $23.64 billion overall (including the final parts added value). Innovation remains a crucial factor driving the composite materials industry growth. Analysts estimate that growth will surge to approximately 5.4 percent and reach USD 24.91 billion in 2016, JEC Composites Magazine reports.

“Composite materials are strengthening the dynamic landscape of several key industries,” said Mrs. Frédérique Mutel, President and CEO, JEC Group. “JEC Americas 2016 assembles those decision makers, end-users and composites companies in a collaborative environment. From Australia and Germany to the United States and everywhere in between, the conference and show is a testament to how composite materials are helping to build a stronger world around us.”

The three-day event will feature a global tradeshow highlighting innovations in composite  manufacturing across the globe as well as sessions and keynote presentations to provide holistic insights on evolutions across various sectors. With this year’s focus on the aeronautic and automotive industries, the Leadership Composites Circles will connect top leaders to OEMs, suppliers and end-users to exchange knowledge and network with their counterparts.

Sustainability is another dimension of this year’s conference with the renewed focus on developing  more efficient processes as well as recycling composite products and reusing materials to create new products. Other topics such as challenges in the glass fiber industry, carbon fiber in the automotive industry and technical textiles and composites will help thousands of global professionals discover new solutions to their unique business challenges.

“Atlanta is an ideal location for this year’s conference. In fact, there are more than 300 facilities in Georgia dedicated to aerospace and air transportation manufacturing,” said Nicolas Baudry, Event director, JEC Americas. “We’re looking forward to returning to the city and experiencing the cross- pollination of knowledge from a variety of experts and industry leaders.”

Major General Jocelyn M. Seng, Mobilization Assistant to the Commander and President, Air University, Maxwell Air Force Base, AL, will serve as the featured keynote speaker. General Seng’s presentation will examine how technology, particularly composites, affects society. Dr. Keith Young, Composites Director at Boeing, and Dr. Hendrik Mainka, Composites Director at Volkswagen, will also serve as keynote speakers.

Co-located with Techtextil North America and Texprocess Americas, JEC Americas provides a diverse platform for industry leaders to discuss new trends, exchange views on best practices and explore new innovations. JEC Americas International Composites Event will take place from May 3-5, 2016 at the Georgia World Congress Center. It will host 750 exhibitors and 9000 attendees

Register at www.jeccomposites.com/events/jec-americas-2016-atlanta/jec-americas-2016- atlanta/get-your-badge-book-your-seat

Develop business links with French companies

11 French technical textiles companies will exhibit at Techtextil North America at the French Pavilion in the Hall B4 and present their new product and technology

DIATEX (www.diatex.com, booth #3125) & TEXINOV (www.texinov.fr, booth 3224) : designer and manufacturer of technical textiles
• FILIX UP-TECH (www.up-tech.fr, booth 3023) MASSEBEUF TEXTILES (www.massebeuf-textiles.com, booth 3222): specialized in engineering conception and production of functional yarns.
• FONTANILLE (www.fontanille.fr, booth 3123): specialized in laces and elastics bands manufacturer, liquid silicone coating
• JTTI GROUP (www.jtti.com, booth 3025) & SCHOUTTETEN & FROIDURE (www.sf-web.com, booth 3119) : weaving and plastics company
• KERMEL (www.kermel.com, booth 3124): producer of inherently flame-resistant meta-aramid fibers and solution-provider of textile innovations.
• TECHTERA (www.techtera.org, booth 3123) : cluster for textiles
• TEXTI SONICS (www.textisonics.com, booth 3122) : designer and manufacturer of compact ultrasonic equipment
• TRP CHARVET (www.trp-charvet.com, booth 3218) : industrial and technical weaving company

If you are interested in getting more information about these companies, please click on the catalogue

Business France is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, as well as promoting and facilitating international investment in France. It promotes France’s companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location, and also runs the VIE international internship program.


The Texprocess Symposium

Texprocess Americas is co-located with Techtextil North America and JEC Americas. The trifecta of these three shows bring together the full spectrum of technical textiles, nonwovens, sewn products and equipment, technology and composites into one central location.

In addition to the eight symposium sessions offered, three bonus sessions will be available for visitors who have purchased a symposium pass. Those sessions are presented by IAF, Fedustria vzw and a joint session by Techtextil North America, Texprocess Americas and JEC Americas.  Visitors can expect to connect with potential new partners, learn about exciting new technologies and discover how they can grow their business while partaking in the Texprocess Americas Symposium.

Automation and Robotics – present and future trends in Product Development

Our industry is dynamically evolving. In manufacturing and through automation, we anticipate reduction in the need to outsource. Processes involving robotics will soon be considered the way to go in advanced product development. Our panelists will discuss, present, challenge and set your hopes and plans straight regarding what’s available, what’s coming and the effect this will have on our industry in the coming years.

Moderator: Yoram Burg, Optitex, USA

Long and Short Term Future of Technology in Apparel

During this session you will learn what brands and retailers need to know, what to look for, and how to choose the right technology for their business. Join the discussion on what the panelists believe their successes and failures have been.

Moderator: Ram Sareen, Tukatech

Creating a Competitive Advantage with an Integrated Cutting Room

An integrated cutting room – which includes marker making, spreading and cutting operations – have a profound impact on a company’s margins. Now the integrated cutting room can be a source for your competitive advantage through the integration of custom equipment, advanced hardware, innovative software, and advanced production systems. The end results are lower cost structures, less errors/mistakes as data is seamlessly transferred between functions instead of being input manually, better quality, and reduced speed to market. Work orders; therefore, are managed more effectively and processed more efficiently allowing for a greater value for your end customer.

Moderator: Dave Gardner, SPESA

Reshoring. Is it for real or still just talk?

Industry leaders from throughout the Sewn Products Supply Chain will participate in a facilitated discussion regarding their company’s Domestic success.  Topics discussed will include:

•             Current challenges and how to overcome them

•             Opportunities within the domestic marketplace

•             Profitability

•             Importance of supply chain integration

•             Role of technology

•             Keys for success moving forward

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how companies are doing more than just talking about Reshoring but are actually making it a strategic part of their business.

Moderator: Will Duncan, Will Duncan and Associates

3D Evolution: Using 3D in the apparel fit process

We have all seen 3D visualizations of garment designs, heard about avatars, and read how many physical samples this new evolution in technology will save. But is it true or just hype? How does it work to aid in the fit process? How do companies compare? Join us for a panel discussion on “fit” and what each technology can offer. All panelists were given the same parameters of fit problem and Avatar type, to present so you can easily compare across offerings, and see where this technology might fit into YOUR process.

Moderator: Pat Trautman, Global Garment Engineering

Wearables: Current Applications and Future Possibilities

A discussion with product developers, researchers and ‘mad scientists’ regarding the current and future state of wearable technology within our industry. Topics will include:

•             Wearable solutions, concepts and products

•             Challenges in design and production

•             Regulatory and standardization issues

•             Opportunities for the industry

•             Changing our ways of thinking to accommodate wearables

Learn more about what is happening in wearable technology and some of the challenges and opportunities these types of products bring to the industry and consumers

Moderator: Kilara Le, Independent Consultant

Advancements in Sewing Room Technologies

Needles, Thread, Sewing Machines, Automation, and Accurate Costing are important and necessary for the sewing industry of today and tomorrow!  Attend this session to learn about the latest developments in each of these areas and how they can be used to successfully operate a modern

Moderator: Mike Fralix, [TC]2

Welding and Stitch-Free Seam Technologies for Industrial and Apparel Products (Joint Session with Techtextil North America)

Industrial fabrics and apparel with a seamless construction are gaining in popularity. Stitch-free seam technology – welded or bonded – are two different concepts. Welding is the process of joining pieces of synthetic fabrics with various methods: hot air, hot wedge, RF, ultra-sonic, plunge, laser, and impact. Bonding, on the other hand, can be performed on two pieces of fabric by placing a heat activated material (adhesive) between them. Stitch-free seaming technologies are extensively used in performance apparel, sportswear, and fitted active wear. Technical outerwear is becoming less bulky and more form-fitting while retaining the latest advances in waterproof and breathable capability.

Moderator: Traci Evling, JTE Machine

The 2016 Symposium has been developed by prominent industry experts to provide a platform for presenters to interact with attendees after each session.


IAF Panel discussion at the Atlanta Texprocess Fair on May 2nd

The International Apparel Federation (IAF) will be, together with Spesa and Messe Frankfurt, hosting a panel discussion at the Texprocess Fair in Atlant, Georgia on May 2nd from 11 am to 1 pm. The discussion will be themed: ‘How technology is implemented across the globe increase productivity in the apparel industry’. These discussion sessions have become a fixed item on IAF’s and Messe Frankfurt’s calendar. The concept is that IAF members from all continents join in the discussion around an apparel technology management oriented theme.

In this 2016 panel discussion we will explore  the most promising technologies to improve productivity. We will discuss how in different parts of the world technology is being used to improve productivity and if this is all new technology, or sometimes simply a reuse of existing methods. And specifically we will explore how far automation will have proceeded in 2020. Now that we see examples of the fashion industry returning to high cost locations, leading to trends such as reshoring or newshoring, we wonder how technology is enabling these trends.

 The panel will consist of Dave Gardner (Spesa), John Stern (Methods Workshop), Han Bekke (MODINT), Stefanon Festa Marzotto (Sistema Moda Italia and FBS), Mike Fralix ([TC²]), Van Tucker (Nashville Fashion Alliance), Ed Gribbin (Alvanon), Murat Aydin (TCMA and Modega) and Geoff Willis (Trigon Select).

 The discussion will be moderated by IAF’s Matthijs Crietee.


New Technology and Innovations take over Techtextil North Americas Symposium

The start of 2016 has proved to be full of new technologies and innovations in the technical textile industry. Techtextil North America, held May 3-5, 2016 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta is to host over 30 hand selected industry experts from around the world that plan to reveal advanced technologies at the premier symposium held concurrently with the show floor

Techtextil North America is co-located with Texprocess Americas and JEC Americas. The trifecta of these shows brings together the full spectrum of technical textiles, nonwovens, sewn products and equipment, technology and composites into one central location.

During the 3 day technical textile event visitors are able participate in 10 hot topic sessions plus two bonus sessions put on by IAF and a joint session hosted by Techtextil North America, Texprocess Americas and JEC Americas. Visitors can expect to connect with potential new partners, learn about exciting new technologies and discover how they can grow their business while partaking in the Techtextil North America Symposium.

Highlights of the highly acclaimed Symposium Include:

Tension Structures

Learn more about the architectural perspective of a tension structure and what to know about tension structures from an architectural point- of-view. The session will then turn to an engineering perspective, and what to expect from a tension structure, and in relationship to engineering loads, what it takes to erect a tension structure and have it be safe and last based on the lifetime of the fabric selected. The session will then add a fabrication perspective, and what is involved with the fabrication of a tension structure from a fabricators perspective and what it takes to work with a client within all of these different aspect.

Textile Testing and How It Affects the Industry

Textile Testing plays a major role in the development of new products, as well as maintaining quality standards of existing products. This session focuses on how testing affects the textile industry.

Advancements in Nonwovens

The nonwovens session will focus on the latest machinery developments and all segments of the industry from web formation to bonding including needle punching, spunbonding and melt blowing to hydroentangling, and thermal bonding. New and emerging product lines will also be a focus.

New Fibre Technologies (Basic) (2-Part Session)

Part One is intended for those new to the synthetic fibre industry, those needing a good understanding of fibre fundamentals, and those interested in learning about the latest commercially significant fibre processes. This session will take you through the basic fibre technologies and respective markets currently using these respective fibres and what new horizons are being explored within each of these areas. If you are looking for a refresher course outside of your area of expertise or new to the business as discussed this course is for you.

New Fibre Technologies (Advanced) (2-Part Session)

In Part 2 of this session learn from experts about the most recent synthetic fibre developments expected to have technical and commercial significance in the field of synthetic fibres. Advanced products from micro, nanofibers to carbon fibres will be discussed.

Advancements and Future Uses Smart Textiles

Discover advancements and future expectations in smart, functional and innovative textiles. An introduction to new functions and unique structures of textiles suitable for many challenging applications related to engineering and medical applications.

Auxetic and Protective Textiles

Auxetic structures and materials are those that get fatter on stretching rather than becoming thinner, as is the ordinary case. This counterintuitive behaviour opens exciting vistas for design and creation of new textile materials and structures for applications that would benefit from auxetic response to tension or compression. This session will highlight advances in such auxetic textile materials and structures. Some of the presentations will couple auxetic behaviour with protective functions for personnel exposed to a dangerous environment or situation. Included in this session will also be presentations on non- auxetic protective textiles.

Innovations in Geosynthetic Textiles

Geosynthetics are being utilized for a variety of construction applications that were once thought to be only in the realm of Concrete or Steel, allowing for construction of structures in extreme conditions such as very soft soils, in underwater locations and in contaminated or extreme pH conditions to name a few. This session will feature presentations on new and innovative Geosynthetic textile technologies for Geotechnical and Civil Engineering applications.


Stitch-free seam technology – welded or bonded – are two different concepts. Welding is the process of joining pieces of synthetic fabrics with various methods: hot air, hot wedge, RF, ultra-sonic, plunge, laser, and impact. Bonding, on the other hand, can be performed on two pieces of fabric by placing a heat activated material (adhesive) between them. Stitch-free seaming technologies are extensively used in performance apparel, sportswear, and fitted active wear. Technical outerwear is becoming less bulky and more form-fitting while retaining the latest advances in waterproof and breathable capability.

Sustainability / How does sustainability aid the textile industry?

Many companies in the textile industry have embarked on a path toward sustainability. This session focuses on sustainability champions sharing their thoughts on emerging technologies, latest trends and the future efforts of maintaining some degree of sustainability while running a profitable enterprise.

This year visitors who purchase a symposium pass are able to choose two complimentary bonus sessions.

•             How Technology Is Implemented Across the Globe to Increase Productivity in the Apparel Industry: Developed by IAF

•             Connecting Technical Textiles and Composites: Developed by Techtextil North Americas, Texprocess Americas and JEC Americas

The 2016 Symposium has been developed by leading industry experts to provide a platform for presenters to interact with attendees after each session.


Aurora Specialty Textiles Group to Showcase Wide Width Coating

Aurora Specialty Textile Group, Inc. (ASTG), a global leader in textile coating and finishing, will showcase the company’s new wide width coating and finishing capabilities at Techtextil NA, 2016 (Booth 2447) . Company representatives will also be available to discuss Aurora’s R&D capabilities as well as the many sustainability components of Aurora’s new, state-of-the-art North American manufacturing operations

Aurora Specialty Textiles Group serves a wide variety of industries. The company’s new state-of-the-art technologies and R&D expertise, combined with the many sustainability components of the company’s new North American manufacturing plant, make Aurora the ideal supply chain partner for companies looking for a competitive edge in today’s dynamic marketplace.

Aurora Specialty Textiles Group, Inc. is a global leader in coating, dyeing and finishing of both woven and non-woven fabrics. Based in Yorkville, Illinois, U.S.A., the company has a 132-year tradition of innovation and in 2015 invested in a new state-of-the-art, wide width coating and finishing line, and a new facility, that dramatically expand their ability to serve customers. Products include digitally printable textiles through Aurora’s Northern Lights Printable Textiles line, specialty home products, industrial products and tape products for a wide variety of industries. Aurora Specialty Textiles Group, Inc., is a Meridian Industries, Inc. company and ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.



APJeT® To Showcase Atmospheric Dry Plasma Process at Techtextil NA 2016

Following an overwhelmingly positive international reception at ITMA 2015 in Milan, Italy, APJeT® will showcase its revolutionary Atmospheric Dry Plasma Process for applying durable finishes to multiple substrates at Techtextil NA 2016.

The media and public are invited to visit APJeT® Booth 2051 to learn more. Techtextil North America takes place at the Georgia World Conference Center in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, May 3-5.

In 2015 APJeT® opened new corporate offices in Research Triangle Park, NC, USA, with both pilot and production scale equipment.

Apjet-PNG“The response to the technology and the advanced capabilities offered through our new offices was very positive at ITMA,” said Martha Miller, Vice President of Business Development at APJeT®. “There was a great deal of excitement, especially from industries struggling with the water issues tied to traditional finishing processes because we offer a clear alternative that is both effective and sustainable.”

Miller added, “With APJeT®’s new RTP facility we have increased our production and development capabilities, and can run scalable trials. This is important news for companies in a wide variety of industries looking for a sustainable and effective alternative to water-based finishing.”

The APJeT® Dry Plasma Process uses atmospheric plasma to cure durable finishes to textiles and other substrates, including nonwovens and film, and has little to no effect on fabric hand or color. It also safely treats fabrics and other substrates, such as films, made from heat-sensitive fibers and materials.

Planet friendly, APJeT’s patented dry plasma process removes water from the finishing process and also significantly reduces the energy and chemicals needed to achieve a durable, high performance finish.

Martha A. Miller from APJeT® will be on hand for meetings. She can be reached at martha.miller@apjet.com to schedule a meeting or interview


Swiss Crealet will discuss newest ideas and projects with visitors

CREALET, the world’s leading manufacturer of electronically controlled warp feed systems, will be represented at the booth of SYMETCH (Hall B3A,  Booth  1917). We would be delighted to discuss your particular application in detail and work together to find solutions with convincing results. With our experience you will find the perfect partner for your specific requirements.

CREALET, Switzerland, was founded in 2003, with the aim of developing electronically controlled warp feed systems for weaving machines. The company has established itself as a market leader in this area; this fact has led to an impressive product range that is precisely oriented to the requirements of customers and the high demands of the market.


Sandler nonwoven for every application – Sandler AG to showcase its nonwovens

At the German pavilion at the Techtextil North America, Sandler will be putting special emphasis on nonwovens for technical applications. From acoustic absorbers and seat upholstery for the transportation industry, to energy-efficient synthetic filter media, to durable insulation materials for construction and technical insulation—these textiles bring comfort to every application. Experience the textile diversity at Hall B3, Booth 1843  

For the eleventh consecutive edition of Techtextil North America, a joint presentation of German companies producing high performance technical textiles and nonwovens will take place. Well known VDMA member companies will be showcasing their latest products in an official German Pavilion in Atlanta: beba Mischtechnik, Brückner Textile

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