Japanese BTEXCO releases series production of heat storage fabrics

Japanese BTEXCO releases series production of heat storage fabrics

KWICKWARM fabrics are fabrics made with fibre containing volcanic ash microcrystal particles blended with carbonized natural plant.

Kwickwarm 2

The advantages of the fabric include:

  1. Quick warm

The fabric absorbs heat from sun shine or other source exposed to the fabric. Such heat will be stored inside to keep the wearer warm.

      2.    As a result of the micro-crystalline particles in the fibre, the interior surface area is larger than normal synthetic fibre and thereby increases moisture management function and drying speed.

     3.     Antimicrobial

The microporous structure stores antimicrobial agent permanently in the fibre. When the fabric is treated with antimicrobial agent, and under heat during fabric finish, the agent will stay in the fibre permanently to achieve permanent antimicrobial functions without gradual loss of the function after washes.

    4.    Deodorant

The microporous structure and carbon provides a strong adhesive force to eliminate odour in a short time. KWICKWRM fabric is strong in odour absorption.



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