Italian Fulgar at Performance Days in Munich, Germany

Italian Fulgar at Performance Days in Munich, Germany

During Performance Days (April 20-21, 2016 in Munich, Germany), the European top address to discover the new functional fabrics for sports, Fulgar will play a protagonist role thanks to all leader companies that choose its innovations for their new collections. Original fabric proposals that embody a perfect mix of a technical and aesthetic performance enhanced by a prestigious and modern ingredient as Fulgar hi-tech fibre

Once again, Perfomance Days represents the preferred meeting place where sports fashion designers, product managers and decision-makers can find a complete selection of high quality materials, focussing this Spring edition on ‘Recycling’ as main trade fair’s Topic.

Recycling is in fact a key theme that always takes more and more relevance in the sports industry, pointing out the importance of environmental responsibility for companies and their partners.

Now more than ever, Fulgar is the ideal partner to rely on, thanks to the company environmental conscious behaviour, aimed at the preservation and improvement of the ecosystem world. A very strict policy based on three main pillars: a production process characterized by low power consumption, a strong focus on recycling and the adoption of a system of traceability of the final products.

Fulgar is proud to introduce a special review with the latest novelties that its key partners will present during Perfomance Days, choosing Fulgar green attitudeSerates_Re-Mat_Recycling and forefront solutions. Among Fulgar special products stand out for sure EVO®, 100% biological, Q-NOVA®, 99% recycled, NANOFIBER, the new boundary of nylon 6.6, and SPACE, the latest breakthrough in the creation of melange effects.


Perfectly in step with Performance Days’ Main Topic “Recycling” stands out the RE-MAT line by Serates materia™, the hi-tech fabric collection from Serates. A range of eco-sustainable fabrics made with Q-NOVA® by Fulgar, the 99 % recycled hi-tech fibre. A certified recycled product obtained only with selected waste materials and thanks to an entirely sustainable production process. At Performance Days showcasing in Booth 211.

Fit for sportswear and activewear RE-MAT fabrics are elastic and comfortable, with a silky and softly touch, all relevant properties guaranteed by the use of an hi-tech fibre as Q-NOVA® that is the ideal solution to have  the best product performance in full compliance of the environment.

BRUGNOLI® – BR4* Bio based collection

Brugnoli_Br4_BiologicalPaying always great attention to quality and environment, Brugnoli® has been the first company to present, already in November 2015, a bio-based fabric collection realized with the new fibre EVO® by Fulgar: Br4*. Today Br4* collection is powered by new weights and structures: piquet, meshes, jacquard, etc., all made with the new fibre EVO® by Fulgar that guarantees zero compromises between environment and performances. Soft, superstretch and extremely comfortable technical fabrics, perfect for sports, swimwear, lingerie and athleisure. With 100 % biological origins,  Fulgar’s  innovative  EVO®  fibre boasts properties that include lower specific weight, excellent heat insulation performance, quick-drying, maximum breathability, bacteriostatic action and odour control, providing outstanding comfort, unique performance and intense respect for nature. With the launch of Br4*, Brugnoli® makes a new step forward in respect of the environment acting both at the raw material level, choosing EVO®  by Fulgar, and acting directly on the production process that favourably impacts on the environment: CO2 emissions lowered by at least -20 % vs standard process and reduction in water waste (European Patent pending). Showcasing in Booth 417 in Munich.

F.O.V. – The EVO biological fabrics FOV_Biological Fabrics

F.O.V., Sweden producer of woven fabric specialized in high-tech fabrics production, launches innovative fabrics entirely realized with  EVO®   by  Fulgar,  the  revolutionary  man-made  fibre, high performing and 100% biological. Special and smart fabrics developed thanks to the creative skills of F.O.V. internal designers and engineers, that always work together to satisfy their customer’s specific needs for fashion and performance.

Both items 95501F and 95502F, 100 % Evo based, have been selected to be exhibited in the Novelty Section, special area of the Performance Wall.

BRUGNOLI® – Blend collection

Blend Collection by Brugnoli® represents the perfect synthesis between technology and creativity, realized  thanks to the special yarn SPACE 3.0 by Fulgar, the latest breakthrough in the creation of mélange effects that allows to create infinite colours combinations. Obtained Brugnoli_Blend_Melange Space3.0through Fulgar’s exclusive All-in-One technology, with a unique controlled and continuous one-step process, SPACE 3.0 is a uniform mélange yarn with three threads on a black or white base. An unprecedented level of precision and definition for a mélange, with vivacious and brighter colours, together with levels of comfort and wearability never achieved before. Thanks to the innovative SPACE by Fulgar, Brugnoli® Blend Collection revises the classical mélange, revealing his utmost creativity and skills. The outcome is a colour explosion offering countless customisations. More than 80 proposals available to create the ideal mix for any kind of garment.  Slub yarn, double face, mélange, countless effects in fabrics with different weights.

Brugnoli® Blend fabrics take advantage also of LYCRA® SPORT fibre technology engineered specifically for sporting activities, which combines muscle support and outstanding freedom of movement.

MAGLIFICIO RIPA – The nanofiber project

Thanks to the cutting-edge Nanofiber technology developed by Fulgar R&D laboratories,Ripa_Nanofiber_Nano-TechMaglificio Ripa is launching the Nanofiber project focusing on the creation of high tech fabrics able to move forward the boundaries of nylon 6.6 typically used for sportswear and clothing. Fulgar Nanofiber of 7μ-Ø filaments allows indeed to create incredibly soft-handed fabrics featured by supreme lightness and excellent coverage. This textile engineering represents a unique and unprecedented proposal stemming from the demand for more and more performing fabrics featured by a soft and silky hand at the same time, to guarantee the highest breathability. (Booth 205)


Serates_Plu-Mat_Nano-TechPLU-MAT is Serates extremely fine, ultralight latest-generation fabrics line. Developed using one of Fulgar’s hi-tech fibres with a diameter of 7 microns – the Nanofiber – the new PLU-MAT fabrics by Serates are a combination of high technical performance, lightweight, opacity and pleasant feel. Without compromising the abrasion resistance, the outstanding wind-resistance and the breathability, ideal features for unlined and ultra-light garments to fold and easily slip into a pocket. The fabrics in the new PLU-MAT line are dyed and finished using a low- temperature process developed by Serates to create a unique, sustainable cloth.

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