Chinese Tekvac stands for blowers and fittings

Chinese Tekvac stands for blowers and fittings

Tekvac was created in 2005, it develops and sells blowers and fittings. During these 10 years of development, the company served more than 300 customers in different kinds of lines around the world. Customer’s discussing and supporting helps to develop technical know-how and new blowers

Tekvac 1Tekvac 2Today’s products ranges are: side channel blower, belt-driven blowers, super blowers, silencers,pressure relief valves, air filters etc. Air Blowers & vacuum pumps are widely used in sewage treatment, desalination plant, hospital surgical operation, vacuum lifting & transportation & conveying, vacuum cleaner, Air knifes etc.

TEK group not only helps customers to save vacuum problems, but also assists to save  production cost!

Various kinds of products allow customers more choice, and with much competitive price.

Based on years developing, the company enjoys a good relationship with all blowers other part, like transportation! Tekvac serves more customers and with free sea transportation.

Tekvac’s motto is “Let us grow and benefit together”

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