The H&M Conscious Actions Sustainability Report 2015

The H&M Conscious Actions Sustainability Report 2015

On April 14, 2016 Swedish clothier H&M Hennes & Mauritz released its annual Sustainability report. “We have set the vision of becoming 100% circular. In close dialogue with experts and stakeholders we will set time-bound milestones to reach this goal. This will take us closer to our goal; to lead the change towards fully circular and sustainable fashion”, says Anna Gedda, Head of Sustainability at H&M

We publish here the introduction to this report, because it summarizes the most important achievements.

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The entire report can be downloaded here

The achievements of H&M are considerable, but there a lot has to be done. Lately, we came across some news that fair living conditions could not be achieved in all of the supply countries, and that some workers are dissatisfied for that reason and are raising their voice. However, it is impressive in what sustainable direction the Swedish clothier is steering.

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