Paper clay sculptures on show at Triennale Design Museum in Milan, Italy

Paper clay sculptures on show at Triennale Design Museum in Milan, Italy

“Cartocci”, the dreamlike paper clay sculptures handmade by ceramic artist Paola Paronetto, are entering a design museum for the first time, becoming part of Ninth Edition of the Triennale Design Museum, inaugurated contemporaneously with “21st Century. Design after Design”, the XXI Triennale di Milano International Exhibition (April 2, 2016 to February 19, 2017 Tue-Sun, 10.30 AM-08.30 PM), which is back after twenty years


The goal of the 21st Century. Design after Design exhibition is to decipher the new millennium, addressing key issues such as the impact of globalization on design, the transformations arising from recent economic crises, and the advent of the 21st century. It also analyses the relationship between the city and design, between design and accessibility to new information technologies  and — not least — the relationship between design and craft. W. Women in Italian Design is the title of the ninth edition of the Triennale Design Museum and traces a new history in Italian design made by women. Paola Paronetto’s ceramics Tulipani e Anemone (tulipes and anemones) from the paper clay series are are part of this important exhibition. Her sculptures are the result of extensive research into styles and materials which, over the years, have led to the creation of increasingly iconic and evocative forms.

The Paola Paronetto – Biography

Born in 1965 in Pordenone, where she still lives and works, studio potter Paola Paronetto is able to perfectly combine newness, continuity, stylistic innovation and the traditions of the ancient art of pottery.

Using her particular sensitivity and feminine creativity, Paola Paronetto creates objects that intersect with and anticipate new contemporary design trends. Her works express strong personality using very diverse materials, from porcelain and paper clay to terra sigillata (sealed earth) and raku.

Her artisan output has a delicate modern flavour and ranges from art and various kinds of merely decorative objects, to objects of everyday use. It reaches the public through collective and personal exhibitions, displays in art galleries and in exclusive stores selling objects and interior design in Italy and abroad.

Paola Paronetto supplements her pottery work with teaching at the prestigious international school of ceramics “La Meridiana” in Certaldo, Tuscany, where she will hold a seminar on raku dolce and terra sigillata in June.

Her exhibitions include: 1999 – Galleria Adriana – San Vito al Tagliamento (PN); 2001 – Galleria Gagliardi – San Gimignano (SI); Galleria Gulliver – Elba (Isola d’Elba); Galleria Geometrie – Greve di Chianti (FI); 2002 – Casa Gaia da Camino – Portobuffolè (TV); Galleria Gagliardi – San Gimignano (SI); Galleria M.Arte – Milan; 2003 – Galleria Studio Logos – Rome; 2004 – Galleria Queens – Pordenone; 2005 – Galleria Gagliardi – Taormina (ME); 2006 – Teche Galleria – Empoli (FI); Galleria Gagliardi – San Gimignano (SI); 2007 – Galleria Spazio Nibe – Milan; Galleria Gagliardi – San Gimignano (SI); 2008 – Erreti Arte – Mantua; Centro Interporto (PN); 2009 – Galleria la Roggia – (PN), Galleria Aldo Moro, Cordenons (PN) – 2010 Maestri a NordEst, biennale d’arte contemporanea, San Giovanni di Casarsa (PN) – HUMUS PARK, Cordenons (PN), Galleria Gagliardi, San Gimignano (SI),CONTINUUM 1970/2010,Trieste 2011 – Talenti Portobuffolè (TV) , Terre Papier – Musée de la Ceramique Bernard Palissy, Saint Avit (France); 2012 – Papiers à P’Art – Eglise des Cordeliers –  Gourdon

– France ; 2014 Percezioni Instabili- Palazzo della Provincia di Pordenone; 2015 Triennale Design Museum, “21st Century. Design after Design”

If you visit the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, you might also want to admire the sculptures of Paola Paronetto adorning numerous booths of renowned brands, such as De Padova e Gervasoni, Snaidero, Airnova, Composit, Compab, Devina Nais, Agorà bagni, AlfUNO, Artre, Arblu, Luciano Zonta srl, B&B, Doimo, Scavolini e Riva 1920.

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