Lenzing and The Woolmark Company will cooperate

Lenzing and The Woolmark Company will cooperate

Lenzing and The Woolmark Company signed a Cooperation Agreement and proudly presented the partnership between the Lyocell fibre TENCEL® and Merino wool at recent global textile trade shows. The perfect fibre duo introduces a new dimension to high-end textiles and active wear

TENCEL® and Merino wool: the combination of performance and luxury

Merino wool has been renowned as a fibre material for a long time and has always been used as a raw material in clothing and in home textiles. In the high-end segment, Merino wool is a highly desirable fibre. Quality can be extremely fine and glossy. TENCEL® is ideal as a blending partner for Merino wool. The properties of moisture management, and a smooth fibre surface are enriching factors when combined with Merino wool and create textiles for customers who love both performance and luxury.

Lenzing pic 3TENCEL® and Merino wool already with success

TENCEL® and Merino wool together have already recorded a large number of successes. International brands have been successfully using the fibre duo in their collections. The blend is particularly popular among customers in Europe and the US. “In internal retail analysis, it is striking that the TENCEL®/Merino wool blend is often used in knitwear. The blend is used predominantly in the active wear segment”, says Robert van de Kerkhof, CCO Lenzing. “Therefore, in the new season our activities will focus on woven fabrics. Our goal is to target the woven fabric segment with high- quality fabrics for formal suits, clothes and shirts. We are operating with wool blends in a high-end- segment with high margins and are interested in expanding this business.”

The best of two worlds

TENCEL® is of botanic origin. Merino wool is a protein fibre. The fibres unite the best of two worlds. TENCEL® stands for a silky smooth drape andLenzing-Merino the blend with Merino wool demonstrates that the luxurious flow of the fabrics can create new and fashionable silhouettes. The smooth fibre structure of the TENCEL® fibre creates a pleasant sensation on the skin in TENCEL®/Merino wool blends.

Thermal regulation is, however, one of the most interesting features of the blend. Both fibres absorb moisture vapour very well and create a pleasant micro climate on the skin.

This is important particularly in warm climates and during physical exertion. “It is also very interesting that Merino wool becomes even more usable for summer with TENCEL® and TENCEL® becomes more suitable for winter as a result of blending with Merino wool,” Robert van de Kerkhof comments. “This means that the blend can be used whatever the season is.”

The business aims of the cooperation

The long term goal is to expand the high-end Merino wool market with TENCEL®/Merino wool blends by 2020 and firmly establish this elegant blend in global collections. The product developments will be backed by In-house developments and co-operation with external trend experts, especially for shirting are being intensified to inspire fabric manufacturers in Asia. Globally the focus is on flat knits and circular knits for women’s outerwear, and for men’s and children outerwear.

The importance of the launching of the cooperation was underlined with press conferences in Paris, France, Shanghai, China and Istanbul, Turkey.



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