BASF inaugurates new production facilities for Ucrete® flooring solutions in Malaysia

BASF inaugurates new production facilities for Ucrete® flooring solutions in Malaysia

BASF has celebrated the inauguration of its new facilities for the production of Ucrete® in Bukit Raja, Klang, Malaysia. It will allow BASF to better meet the increasing demand for high quality, durable industrial flooring solutions in the Asia Pacific region

“The new facilities improve our flexibility to better and quicker serve our customers by ensuring a stable supply. We can reduce lead times by up to 35 percent near the place where the product is used,” said Arnold De Silva, Head of Construction Chemicals responsible for Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos in BASF.

The Ucrete production facilities are the first that can produce all four components of the Ucrete polyurethane concrete flooring system in Asia Pacific. BASF has a similar plant in the United Kingdom. Located within the company’s Construction Chemicals manufacturing plant in Bukit Raja Industrial Park in Selangor, Malaysia, the new facilities benefit from global experience and proven technologies, operational efficiency and technical competencies.

Daniel Loh, Managing Director, BASF (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd said, “BASF has continuously invested in Malaysia for more than 25 years, making the country an important production hub for BASF to serve customers in the region. The opening of the new facilities in Malaysia underlines our strategic commitment and long-term focus on serving our customers in Asia Pacific.” Ucrete is a unique polyurethane resin technology that gives floors exceptional resistance to aggressive chemicals, as well as extreme mechanical and thermal conditions. It is ideal for the most demanding industrial environments, non-tainting and fully serviceable at temperatures up to 120°C at only 9mm thickness.

Master Builders Solutions is BASF’s brand of advanced chemical solutions for construction. The Master Builders Solutions brand is built on the experience gained from more than 100 years in the construction industry. The comprehensive portfolio under the Master Builders Solutions brand encompasses lasting solutions for new construction, maintenance, repair and renovation of structures: Concrete admixtures, cement additives, chemical solutions for underground construction, waterproofing solutions, sealants, repair & protection solutions, performance grouts, performance flooring solutions.

The Master Builders Solutions brand is backed by a global community of BASF construction experts. To solve our customers’ specific construction challenges from conception through to completion a project, we combine our know-how across areas of expertise and regions and draw on the experience gained in countless construction projects worldwide. We leverage global BASF technologies, as well as our in-depth knowledge of local building needs, to develop innovations that help make our customers more successful and drive sustainable construction.

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