Netting solutions for a world of Nonwovens

Netting solutions for a world of Nonwovens

Create exceptional composites with our reinforcement, lamination and stretch netting alternatives

Conwed, the leading plastic netting manufacturer in the world, will be exhibiting its reinforcement, lamination and stretch netting portfolio at IDEA 2016 inConved 2 Boston, MA (May 3-5, 2016 -Booth 1106).  Organized every three years by the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry (INDA), IDEA16 expects more than 7000 attendees. Surpassing 450 exhibitors, from more than 70 countries IDEA16 is the ideal venue to share latest innovations in industries such as absorbent hygiene, apparel, automotive, building, construction, filtration, geotextiles, home and office furnishings, medical and other disposable applications

Conwed netting is used to provide reinforcement, stretch, lamination, separation and channeling functionalities to hundreds of composites in automotive, apparel, building and construction, filtration, hygiene and medical applications. Whether you are working on the latest adult incontinence underwear design, the ultimate scrubbing cleaning pad or the lightest automotive nonwoven composite, Conwed netting can help improve your products’ performance.

Customers can incorporate netting with other substrates using different techniques, such as extrusion coating, extrusion lamination, thermal lamination, ultrasonic welding, wet and dry adhesive lamination and diverse nonwoven processes.  For a complete overview of how to incorporate Conwed netting in different production processes, visit the section Plastic Netting 101.

We help customers find new ways to achieve success. The R&D team thrives on exploring unusual, untested, out-of-the-box concepts and we have an open mindset in developing new and unexplored applications.

With over 45 years of experience developing plastic netting solutions for a wide range of industries, we have the expertise and skills to help customers solve their product development challenges. Our netting components are found in hundreds of industrial and consumer products and provide essential functionalities that help manufacturers improve their products’ performance. 


From agriculture, automotive and building and construction products, to filtration, hygiene, medical and packaging solutions, the sky is the limit when it comes time to develop netting components for new and unexplored applications. Our R&D and engineering teams are ready to push the limits of our netting technology to help you develop your next product innovation.

Learn about the company’s success stories, markets, capabilities and core products and be introduced to our manufacturing processes in our Plastic Netting 101 section.  Visit our resins and additives page for a summary of the materials Conwed can use to manufacture its netting portfolio.

If you have a product development challenge and wonder how Conwed netting can help you solve it, please contact the team.

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