Silk farming weaving impact living of 40000 farmers in NE India

Silk farming weaving impact living of 40000 farmers in NE India

A buyer-seller meet on “the fabric and textile of northeast” an effort to link the gap was held on March 26, 2016 at Hotel Acacia Dimapur. Jayanta Thakuria from Fabric Plus, a manufacturing unit in Guwahati on Saturday addressing the meet said that silk products (Eri and Muga) have been directly or indirectly impacting the livelihood of 40,000 farmers in Northeast India

Jayanta conveyed that around 150 metric tons of eri silk are produced annually from the Northeast region and silk products have started making their presence felt both in national and international markets.

Fabric Plus private limited, a more of marketing company which produces silk products have been established with an objective to promote and provide livelihood to the farmers and Fabric Plus aims to become the number one silk supplier in India.

Runway Nagaland Managing Director (MD) Nengneithem Hengna addressing the meet highlighted that Runway Nagaland and Fabric Plus has collaborated primarily to promote the fabric of Northeast region and the meet has been intended to make an effort to link the gap between buyers and sellers and create an opportunity for all.

Harnessing tradition with technology, there is an urgent need to promote handloom and handmade products of the region and particularly on Nagaland market it was observed that there is a strong need to bridge the gap of textile industry.

With Runway Nagaland and Fabric Plus, there is optimism that the partnership will nourish the handloom sector and craftsmanship which is one of the industries that the Naga people are dedicated in.

For people to get more idea on the products and the process that goes through manufacturing, Fabric Plus products exclusively manufactured using eri and muga silks were on display on the day.

Fabric Plus, being the only ASSAM SILK integrated textile company of the North-east India, provides in-plant training to hand-loom weavers, fashion designers, spinners, and textiles students from the entire country. Its skill development team continuously imparts training to all level of people in the company.

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