Saurer Components with new Accotex 518 SF, Glass Forming apron for ultra-fine filaments

Saurer Components with new Accotex® 518 SF, Glass Forming apron for ultra-fine filaments

Saurer Components has presented its new Accotex® 518 SF glass forming apron at the recent JEC Europe exhibition in Paris. The newest glass forming apron meets the industry’s growing demand for finer filaments and is designed to produce fine and ultra-fine filaments which can be used in a range of finished goods including electronic devices

The market for electronic devices has focused on miniaturization whilst also incorporating increased light- weight and space-saving functionality – for use in laptops, tablets and mobile phones for example. To meet this growing trend, Saurer Components has focused on a new type of glass fibre apron – the Accotex®  518 SF – specifically designed for creating fine and ultra-fine filaments like D (5 µm), C (4,5 µm) and BC (4 µm).

Accotex-Glasfaserriemchen_069-bearbeitet-160113-180x130mm-4cThe basic function of a glass forming apron is to transport the sizing towards the glass fibre. The finer a filament´s diameter, the more attention is required to prevent defects like broken filaments or hairiness.

Due to the extraordinary low surface roughness of the Accotex® 518 SF (<0.2 µm Ra), a very smooth and homogeneous surface is achieved. This prevents “dancing fibres” and “hairiness” which reduces interruption of the continuous sizing film resulting in properly coated filaments. With the new chemical composition and the uniform surface quality a sufficient binder pickup as well as a constant running performance of fibre filaments is ensured.

The new Accotex® 518 SF Glass Forming Apron from Saurer Components provides the best choice for preventing defects in glass fibres.

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