Asia Outdoor 2016 expects new exhibitor record

Asia Outdoor 2016 expects new exhibitor record

Asia Outdoor expects new exhibitor record – second COA Outdoor China Summit takes place one day prior to the show– Chinese market leaders united on board – Running Village continues to enlarge its scale – new RV Camping Area

For more than 10 years, Asia Outdoor has been the leading outdoor trade show in China, entirely focused on the outdoor sector. The 11th Asia Outdoor Trade Show is going to take place in Nanjing, China from June 30 to July 3 with full support of the leading Chinese outdoor brands as well as the Chinese Outdoor Association (COA). A special focus will be placed on the exchange between industry members which are enabled by discussion panels and the Outdoor China Summit hosted by the Chinese Outdoor Association one day before the start of the trade fair. “Especially in tough market conditions, it is key to align all players in the market to share and exchange information and build trustful cooperation and partnerships. Asia Outdoor offers the perfect setting for this”, states Richard Li, project director of Asia Outdoor.

So far, 410 exhibitors have signed up for the eleventh edition of the leading Chinese outdoor fair, an increase of about 13 % in comparison to the same period last year. As a professional outdoor trade show with a ten-year history, Asia Outdoor has gained the faithful support and trust from the outdoor industry both at home and abroad. With the support of the leading Chinese Outdoor brands, which are all returning to the show floor, and the active role of these brands within the China Outdoor Association (COA), Asia outdoor 2016 is once more a must-attend event for everyone involved in the outdoor business in China. “We are happy and proud of this trustful and established partnership with our key partners in China”, states Stefan Reisinger, head of OutDoor and Eurobike, “from the very first beginning, our goal has been to support and grow the Chinese outdoor market together and united with the sector in China. Our joint setting is a win win situation and built to develop the outdoor market in China in the years to come.”

Asia Outdoor is more than a trade show and offers additional benefits for brands, dealers, professionals and media. Besides the display of newest industry trends in China, Asia Outdoor has become the platform where industry information and business ideas merge. Featured areas line up relevant trends and trigger synergy. Asia Outdoor develops industry trends and sets up independent villages themed on running, camping, climbing, water sports, etc. The Asia Outdoor Industry Award also helps to promote brands and new designs. The COA Outdoor China Summit, taking place on June 29, one day prior to the show, features panels about hot topics by industry representatives and professionals.

New Area 2016: RV Camping

Camping is one of the outdoor sectors with huge growth potential in China. In recent years, the Chinese government has put forward a policy to develop the tourism market and to enforce the facility construction concerning tourist transportation, scenic regions and campsites. Statistics show that there are about 800-1 000 RV campsites in China right now, with another 8 000 new facilities opening up in the next 3 to 5 years. In line with this development, Asia Outdoor 2016 will set up the Self-driving & RV Camping Village for the first time to cover motor homes, RVs, trailers and related camping service agencies.

Running Market: Still Booming

The running market in China is still booming and stimulating even more people to participate in the sport. The Running Village in Asia Outdoor 2016 will be the biggest in history of the show. Leading international brands like Camelbak, Craft, Julbo, Raidlight, Rudy Project, Tecnica, Tifosi and Ulvang, will display their products beside numerous Chines brands, pushing Asia Outdoor to a new level in 2016.

The 11th Asia Outdoor Trade Show in the new exhibiting centre in Nanjing, China runs from June 30 – July 3, 2016, open exclusively for trade visitors. The second COA Outdoor China Summit will take place on June 29, 2016, one day before the show.  

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