Algerian textile sector to be sign partnership agreement by June 2016

Algerian textile sector to be sign partnership agreement by June 2016

Minister of Industry and Mining Abdessalam Bouchouareb, in his address at the Algerian Textile Forum held on Monday in Algiers said that the Government’s industrial development strategy aims at boosting the sector of textile and leather, which represents a market of USD 4 billion in Algeria, but very “poorly exploited

They are preparing three to five public-private partnership agreements on projects in textile industry. The participation of foreign partners is necessary to win back the domestic market, which has become very demanding. Partnership agreements in the sector of textile will be signed by June between national public and private operators, said Bouchouareb.

The public sector and the private sector need to join forces with foreign partners so that the textile industry regains its position in the domestic market.

The head of the Algerian Business Managers (FCE), Ali Haddad, expressed the commitment of the FCE members to support the Government’s strategy to boost the field.

While, the Secretary General of the General Union of Algerian Workers (UGTA), Abdelmadjid Sidi Said underlined the importance of the sector of textile in the creation jobs and economic growth.

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