Lesser manmade fibre yarns exports from India in January 2016

Lesser manmade fibre yarns exports from India in January 2016

100 man-made fibre yarns export from India was valued at USD 16.82 million in January 2016, down 11.9 % annualise, while volumes were at 6.4 million kg, edged down 0.5 % as compared to the same month last year. The total volume comprised 3.05 million kg of polyester yarn, 2.25 million kg of viscose yarn and 1.14 million kg of acrylic yarn

Polyester yarn exports were up 9.4 % in value, while viscose yarn exports were up 3.9 % cent during the month. Acrylic yarn exports saw a drastic plunge of 44 % in January. Unit price realisation was down US cents 45 a kg for polyester from a year ago and that of viscose yarn was unchanged. Acrylic yarn unit price realization was down US cents 74 a kg year on year basis.

Polyester spun yarns were exported to 45 countries in January with total volumes at 3.05 million kg, of which, 16.5 % was shipped to Turkey alone.

Twelve new destinations were found for polyester yarn this January, of which, Spain, United Kingdom, Uganda and Cote D’Ivoire were the major ones. Morocco, Italy and Brazil were the fastest growing markets for polyester yarns while ten countries did not import any polyester yarns during the month.

Viscose yarn export was at 2.25 million kg and they were exported to 26 countries with Belgium at the top, followed by Iran. Both these markets accounted for 44 % of all viscose yarn exported in January 2016.

Bangladesh, Italy, Turkey and Algeria were the fastest growing markets for viscose yarns while South Korea, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkmenistan and Mauritius were the new major markets. Japan, Guatemala, Russia and Vietnam were the major ones among the nine countries that did not import any viscose yarns during the month.


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