Turkish Mogul Spunbond certified Flame Resistant

Turkish Mogul Spunbond certified Flame Resistant

Turkish nonwoven fabric specialist Mogul has announced that its MOPET® TCS, a spunbond fabric made from mono-component trilobal filament, has proven itself flame resistant in accordance with British Standard BS5852-2 without using a fire-retardant impregnation of the fabric

The fabric was produced from a PET polymer chip containing a special fire retardant component. The raw material additive allows the fabric to self extinguish a flame and also self extinguish any subsequent smouldering. The additive to the polymer chip does not contain any toxic fire retardants from the halogen group elements nor heavy metal flame retardant additives.

 Home furnishings covered by a fire resistant fabric may allow for reduction in the overall amount of fire retardant materials injected into the furnishing’s padding and components since the fire source is generally external to the furnishing.  The aim is to reduce costs as well as the amount toxic gas generated when the fire retardants are put to use.

The successful accreditation is part of Mogul’s drive to produce better performing fabrics for specialized and differentiated end use.

Mogul Spokesperson, CEO Serkan Gogus says, “The successful testing of this flame resistant fabric is one of the many steps we are taking to better meet our customers’ demands for upgraded and special purpose nonwoven roll goods. The critical requirement to ensure our communities benefit from safer clothing, furniture, automotive parts and construction components makes this a very satisfying result.”


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