How change and renewal are matching partners

How change and renewal are matching partners

Walter Wirz, CEO of Swiss Crealet has stated his reflections on change, and we would like to bring his thoughts to your attention. Crealet is the world’s No. 1 manufacturer of electronically controlled warp feed systems for weaving machines and reliable mechanical engineering partner for the high-tech industry

Walter Wirz: “Change is also renewal. However, renewals require readiness and the will for change. It requires courage and self-confidence to leave the known terrain, to open up to new perspectives and to new ways of thinking. In our lives, we face often change, and we know in the meantime that we should rather embrace than block changes.

Since the 1960’s the European Textile Industry has been under pressure by cheap products from the Far East. With a strong will, the industry is resisting the challenge with a high degree of innovation. Many companies have started to focus on the production of technical fabrics and applications with a promise for the future.

Often enough we are sceptical facing changes, since they most likely bring to light negative aspects and seem to be a threat.

It takes confidence and courage to conquer the fear of the unknown. Success comes with courageous decisions. It does not take much to leave the usual path, but you just have to believe in your chance.

Missing courage is usually the result of our deeply rooted “zero-error-culture”. The fear of making mistakes and their negative attention in society is the reason why we try to avoid mistakes. However, is it not a healthy error culture, that, in fact lets us reach new goals?

Many times I have seen how changes are taken at hand only when the pressure from the outside has increased so much, that there is no choice but change. It means nothing less than that decisions are made by others, rather than based on own needs and aspirations.

In a commercial and competitive environment such tasks need to be actively approached and pursued with own initiatives. Only by leaving the known terrain we can grow and conquer new markets and study new applications. We need to be courageous in our quest for innovation and new products.

We tend to assume that we see reality the way it really is.  In fact reality is a construction that everyone builds individually. In a sense, every one lives in an individual world. Our views are based on our own thoughts, and the personal filters that shape them.

You are not ready for change, if you think that your own opinion, and the way you look at a specific problem is the only true approach. Only by embracing new perspectives, and ways of thinking, can we discover and identify new important aspects and solutions.

A good method for creativity techniques is for example the approach of Edward de Bono known as the Six Thinking Hats.


Image Credit: Daiji Hirata

At Crealet, we will help you with changes and conversions for warp feed systems for weaving machines. Our products support clients worldwide in producing carbon fibre compounds, airbags, safety-belts, fashion, agro and geo textiles and a wide variety of other applications.

The prerequisite for change is that it must be initiated by you, and it requires will, courage and self-confidence, as well as your openness for new perspectives and ways of thinking. Set new quality standards before your competitors force you to react. Instead act early in a creative way.”

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