Guangzhou to launch Belt and Road Business Platforms

Guangzhou to launch Belt and Road Business Platforms

Two business platforms dedicated for projects under China’s Belt and Road Initiative will be launched in Guangzhou, following the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement between a Europe-based Silk Road fund, the Guangdong Grand Jing Shi Holdings Group, and other parties. The e-commerce platform and high-tech industries incubator platform are both first of their kind in Guangzhou.

Jointly founded by a Chinese entrepreneur active in Poland and financial industry players, the Silk Road fund represents support of the private sector for the Belt and Road Initiative. Under the strategic cooperation agreement, the fund will invest Rmb200 million in several companies including Guangdong Grand Jing Shi Holdings to build an e-commerce platform Wodejia (meaning “my home”) to be headquartered in Guangzhou and a high-tech industries incubator platform, both of which will be dedicated for Belt and Road projects.

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