Italian Lido outdoor collection by Norge Torsteinsen Design

Italian Lido outdoor collection by Norge Torsteinsen Design

Inspired by 1950s public benches, the Lido collection is distinguished by its curved steel tube frame, which twists and turns highlight the flowing silhouette of each variant: From the side to the armchair, and the high or medium-backed lounge chairs with their footstool. A number of upholstery options are proposed, from synthetic outdoor fabrics to so-called “spaghetti string” in PVC. Available soon in metal, wood and with plastic slats

And another insight into the collectionEstablished in 1975 by Francesco and Ennio Favagrossa, Fiam, leader in the production and distribution of high quality outdoor furniture, has always been run with the care and enthusiasm of a family company. Since the beginning the priority has been to create, produce and patent furniture products of quality – comfort – design. These are now sold all over the world. Products such as BITTER, FIESTA, AMIGO, SAMBA and MOVIDA are still acknowledged as leading products, setting standards for our marketplace and those of our competitors.

The whole mind set is strictly Made in Italy from the latest technical solutions, including the choice of materials together with careful control of the various steps of processing. Giving our customers the maximum in comfort, safety and strength. High resistance Aluminium and Steel, high level technical fabrics and accessories in carefully selected materials. These all combine to obtain maximum lightness and durability of the product. With this all-Italian supply chain, Fiam can guarantee the highest levels of quality and originality of its products. It also contributes significantly to the sustainability of its products by reducing haul distances, allowing railway transportation, and using photovoltaic systems to fulfill a large part of its energy needs.

Fiam offers its distributors and retailers an attentive and responsible service, and theSample of the spaghetti design possibility to re-stock, even during the high season.

Set up in Norway by Fredrik and Solveig Torsteinsen, with the collaboration of Vidar Øverby, Torsteinsen Design has over 20 years’ experience in various fields, from industrial design, furniture, and exhibition displays for trade fairs and museums, to architecture, interior, graphic and web design. Thanks to intense dialogue held internally and with customers, based on the principle of generating ideas from other ideas, Torsteinsen Design carries out innovative and functional projects that place particular value on their economic sustainability. This approach has allowed Torsteinsen Design to win numerous awards, including seven for Design Excellence. Standing out among their clients are institutions such as the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Foundation for Design and Architecture in Norway, the National Museum, and companies like Fora Form, Savo, Sit Norway and Hepro. For Fiam, Torsteinsen Design developed the Lido series of outdoor seats for the company’s fortieth anniversary.

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