Polyamide 11 and 12 Market in 3D Printing worth USD 48.6 million by 2020

Polyamide 11 and 12 Market in 3D Printing worth USD 48.6 million by 2020

The report “Polyamide 11 & 12 Market in 3D Printing by Polyamide Type (PA 11, PA 12), End User Industry (Aerospace & Defense, Healthcare, Consumer Goods, Automotive) and Geography (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Rest Of World) – Global Forecast to 2020”, The PA11 and PA12 market in 3D printing is forecasted based on two scenarios as its growth is primarily based on the adoption of 3D printing technology by end-use industries. It is published by Markets and Markets

Major Players in the Polyamide 11 & 12 Market include

•          3D Systems (U.S.)

•          EOS GmbH (Germany)

•          Arkema SA (France)

•          Evonik AG (Germany)

•          Stratasys (U.S.)


The Polyamide 11 & Polyamide 12 in 3D printing market is projected to reach USD 48.6 Million by 2020, at a CAGR of 26.59%, by scenario one & USD 85.1 Million, at a CAGR of 41.2% from 2015 to 2020, by scenario two.

The growth in automotive market will define the high growth in scenario two where 3D printing technology is expected to be adopted for mass customization in automotive sector. Asia-Pacific is a growing market for PA11 and PA12 owing to the presence of manufacturing base of a large number of companies in this region. North America and Europe are established markets and are to dominate with major global players operational in these regions.

North America market is expected to witness high growth, with increasing demand from end-use industries in the region

North America market for PA11 and PA12 in 3D printing is expected to register high growth due to increased rate of adoption in end-use industry. Mexico is an emerging market in the region are the key countries in region. North America is also the biggest market for PA11 and PA12 along with Europe. Europe has large number of suppliers of PA11 and PA12. Asia-Pacific is an emerging market for the same.

Healthcare and aerospace & defence segments to dominate PA11 and PA12 market in 3D printing

Healthcare and aerospace & defence are two highly critical segments which demand for stringent product dimensions along with their compositions. Hence, the manufacturing of products demands for precision work. 3D printing by laser sintering technology provides them a perfect solution in manufacturing standards. PA11 and PA12 accounted for the largest share of the thermoplastics used in 3D printing by laser sintering technology.

PA12 is expected to dominate PA11 and PA12 market in 3D printing due to large number of grades to meet the different requirements

PA12 is expected to dominate the market due to availability of large number of grades such as fire resistant, impact resistant, glass filled, and others. PA12 has a large supply base which makes it a suitable option to be used as a laser sintering powder in 3D printing. PA11 primarily developed by Arkema SA is expected to register the fastest growth with increasing demand for bio-based versions of polyamides.

The rate of adoption in automotive industry in near future is expected to define PA11 and PA12 growth in 3D printing

The automotive industry provides high prospects for the growth of PA11 and PA12 in 3D printing market. With mass production using techniques such as injection molding, automotive industry is a strategically big market for 3D printing. The demand for 3D printing is expected to rise when the impetus of automotive industry shifts from mass production to mass customization.

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