Etiquetas Adhesivas Rever doubles its digital label capacity

Etiquetas Adhesivas Rever doubles its digital label capacity

Just a few months after completing the installation of its first Screen Truepress Jet L350UV digital label press, Etiquetas Adhesivas Rever in Spain has installed a second press and a Rotocontrol DT converter from specialist dealer HTGRAF

“The impact on our production following the installation of our first Truepress Jet has been spectacular because the digital process is extremely efficient,” says Rever Manager Juan José Martin. “That’s why we have been able to invest in a second press so quickly. The Truepress Jet digital press offers almost the same output as two of our existing flexo presses and our second machine will replace one of our three flexo lines.”

Before choosing the Truepress Jet, Rever studied the production capacity and printing quality of various machines, and finally decided on the Truepress Jet L-350UV press manufactured by Screen. The press has a high 50m/minute running speed which, combined with a printing width of up to 322mm and the ability to print on material from 100mm to 350mm, enables it to deliver an output of 16.1sqm/ minute.

ReversThe Truepress Jet is equipped with an automated head cleaning function that greatly simplifies maintenance and reduces the amount of time required to keep the press in an optimum condition. This results in users regularly achieving in excess of 80% uptime. Speed is also about workflow and the ability to be able to process enough data to keep the press running. The Truepress is equipped with EQUIOS, Screen’s universal workflow system that combines the printing and prepress knowhow developed by Screen over many years with the latest inkjet technology. The combination of speed, uptime and an efficient dataflow allows Truepress users to maximize productivity.

“The print speed and quality of Screen’s inkjet press is the best solution we have seen. Its specifications are essential for the volume of work we need it to handle. Also important is the high level of service and support we receive from the HTGRAF team and Screen,” explains Juan José Martin.

SCREEN Graphic and Precision Solutions Co., Ltd. (SCREEN GP) is a subsidiary of SCREEN Holdings (Kyoto, Japan). SCREEN GP is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of system components for the prepress and printing industries. Its large range of equipment includes workflow systems, RIPs, proofing systems, plate setters and digital printing presses. The company is also a well-known manufacturer of equipment for the semiconductor and flat panel display manufacturing industries.

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