French Chomarat enters distribution Agreement with Australian GMS Composites

French Chomarat enters distribution Agreement with Australian GMS Composites

By signing a new distribution agreement with GMS Composites, an Australian prepreg manufacturer, Chomarat continues to pursue its development strategy in advanced composite materials. “With this new agreement, we are aiming to strengthen our position  in the Pacific region. GMS Composites covers the whole of Australia and New Zealand,” said Pascal Joubert Des Ouches, Composites Business Director for Asean, Pacific, Korea & Japan at Chomarat

GMS Composites is based in Melbourne, in the heart of a region that is extremely dynamic in terms of its advanced composites industry. This new GMS Compositescooperation, the seeds of which were sown at JEC Asia 2015 (Singapore), will enable Chomarat to expand its range as GMS offers dry or pre-impregnated reinforcements.

“Distributing C-weave™, carbon fabrics and C-Ply™, Chomarat’s range of thin-ply carbon multiaxial reinforcements, will give us a real competitive advantage and strengthen our position as a partner for innovation in such markets as automotive, sports, leisure, and aeronautics,” said Sam Weller, Managing Director of GMS Composites.

GMS Composites is located in the Melbourne suburb of Dandenong South, Victoria, Australia, where R & D, production and warehousing operations are located. GMS Composites has been manufacturing epoxy prepregs for over 15 years and has an extensive range of prepreg resin systems, which cover a wide range of industries including: aerospace, defence, ballistics, rail, motorsport, automotive, sports & leisure, marine and tooling. GMS Composites also provide CNC machining services and distributes nationally across Australia a wide range of vacuum consumables, reinforcement fabrics, cores, resin systems and tooling products from leading global suppliers.

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