EXPO 4.0 with firsthand results

EXPO 4.0 with firsthand results

575 exhibitors from 20 countries showcased their products at Expo 4.0 (February 4-6, 2016 at Messe Stuttgart, Germany) to around 13,000 trade visitors from 36 countries


EXPO 4.0 (February 4-6, 2016 at Messe Stuttgart, Germany), the combined trade fair for visual and haptic advertising closed successfully. 575 satisfied exhibitors (2014: 495) draw a positive conclusion – especially in terms of the quality of the approximately 13,000 trade visitors. The number of investment intentions arising from a visit to the trade fair also continues to rise.

Over the three days of the trade fair, 575 exhibitors from 20 countries presented their products to around 13,000 visitors from 36 countries: This was EXPO 4.0 2016. The exhibitors were delighted with increased number of purchase transactions and specific investment intentions – mostly for fulfilment within the next six months.

The EXPO 4.0 combined trade fair brings four trade shows under one roof: TV TecStyle Visions, wetec, GiveADays and POS Masters. The four trade fairs brought together under the EXPO 4.0 umbrella combine their expertise in finishing technology, promotional wear, professional clothing, advertising technology, digital printing and illuminated signage, digital signage, advertising materials and marketing, design and technology at the point of sale.

TV TecStyle Visions, the leading European trade fair for textile finishing and promotion, continues to increase in importance within the industry. 256 exhibitors, 101 from abroad (2014: 250/98), presented their product innovations and new products in the areas of textile printing, embroidery, flock, transfer printing, digital textile printing and laser technologies. In 2016, TV TecStyle Visions consolidated its position as an international trade fair. Visitors came to Stuttgart from 36 countries, the majority from Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Great Britain and Slovenia. The visitors’ main areas of interest in 2016: embroidery (55%), transfer pressure and “textiles and printing substrates” (both 54 %) were in the lead, followed by textile silk-screen printing and digital textile printing (both 43 %). 52 % of the visitors think that the fair will continue to gain in importance. 38 % stated that they were focused exclusively on obtaining information at TV TecStyle Visions and do not visit any other trade fairs worldwide. The results from the survey underline the unique selling point of TV TecStyle Visions. 77 % of visitors also said they would come back to attend TV 2018 and 85 % would recommend the trade fair to others. The quality of the trade visitors was also extremely positive: 89% of visitors are involved in purchasing and acquisitions for their company. 91 % of decision-makers also indicated direct purchase and/or investment intentions and 69 % of visitors plan to invest within the next six months.

The comprehensive events programme at TV TecStyle Visions was a huge success once again. The digital printing line presented for the first time, the daily fashion shows, the “fair ● eco ● bio” TVP Infopoint, the “Golden Shirt Award” and the TV specialist forum attracted interest from numerous visitors.

The right decision: wetec and Digital Signage area under the same roof

With an overall score of 2.0 in the visitor survey, wetec, the trade fair for advertising technology, digital printing, illuminated signage and digital signage built on its success in previous years. It also maintained its high levels of visitor quality.


89 % of visitors are involved in purchasing and acquisitions for their company. 90 % of decision makers (2014: 84 %) attended with the intention to purchase, and 60 % plan to invest within the next six months. Marketing technology, digital printing, and wrapping were once again the top draws for this year’s trade fair: 70 % of visitors came for marketing technology, 48 % wished to learn more about digital printing, and a third of visitors from the industry were interested in wrapping. It is not surprising, then, that the WRAPandSTYLE area was one of the most popular exhibits. In fact, visitors judged it to be the highlight of the speciality zones. In order to introduce digital signage to the already established areas of marketing technology, digital printing, and signage, wetec added a special Digital Signage Area to the exhibition.

46 % of visitors are convinced: wetec will continue to grow in importance. 23% do not visit any other conferences, and use wetec as their sole means of information on the industry. 62 % are planning to attend once more in 2018. Not only that, 76% of visitors would recommend wetec to others, proving that both the trade fair concept and the mix of visitors are compelling.

Successful GiveADays continuation: the visitors to the advertising speciality trade fair were highly satisfied with goods offered by our 127 exhibitors, among which were representatives from the USA and Spain. The trade visitors gave the conference a score of 2.1 (2014: 2.2). The exhibitors were particularly pleased with the quality of the trade visitors to the conference. 94 % of surveyed visitors are involved in purchasing and acquisitions for their company. Not only that, 89 % of the decision makers came to GiveADays in Stuttgart with concrete plans to purchase or invest. The visitors were particularly interested in office supplies, followed by sport and recreation articles and seasonal articles. 64% of attendees indicated that they planned to return to the next GiveADays in two years. 75% intend to recommend the advertising article conference (2014: 64%).

After taking a break in 2014 to change their design, the POS Masters once again shared the conference hall with the GiveADays trade fair. The exhibitors at the POS Masters were very pleased with the quality of the visitors present. 84 % of the industry experts are involved in purchasing and acquisitions for their company, 86 % of those came to Stuttgart planning to purchase and/or invest. 72 % were planning on investing within the next six months. The visiting experts were particularly interested in merchandising (63 %), POS solutions made from corrugated cardboard or acrylic/plastic (42 %), and POS services (38 %). The majority of visitors to the POS Masters 2016 worked in ‘Industry and Manufacture’. 59 % stated that they were focused exclusively on the information at POS Masters and were not visiting any other trade fairs.

In total, visitors were very happy with the exhibits on offer at EXPO 4.0. It is clear that the synergy between the four trade fairs has once again been a success in their third year. The next EXPO 4.0 will take place from the 15th to the 17th of February 15-17, 2018 in Stuttgart, Germany.


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