ITA selected twice as exhibitor for “Week of the Environment”

ITA selected twice as exhibitor for “Week of the Environment”

ITA, the Institute for Textile Technology at RWTH Aachen, Germany has been selected twice among 600 exhibitors for the “Week of the Environment” at Chateau Bellevue, and under the lead of German Federal President Joachim Gauck

ITA will present itself with the following themes at the “Week of the Environment” on June 7 – 8, 2016 at Chateau Bellevue in Berlin, Germany, the home of Joachim Gauck:

1. Priceworthy robust data connections with optical polymer fibres will be showcased at a booth jointly with Hochschule der Deutschen Telekom AG (College of German Telecom), Leipzig and Perlon-Monofil GmbH, Dormagen.

Bild 1 ITA

2. Novel “Superwall” composite heat insulation system from 3D extruded polystyrene foam (XPS), jointly with Teubert GmbH, Blumberg on the joint booth with Geamtverband Textil+Mode (umbrella association for Textiles and Fashion) and under the motto of “Die Zukunft ist textil”  (the future is textile).

Bild 2 ITA

The first product demonstration entails communication, mobility, and private home applications. These deploy an ever-growing need of data connections over short distances. Optical polymer fibres (POF) offer priceworthy, robust connections for the linking of apartments and homes, buildings and industrial plants, as well as in automobiles. The application area reaches from data transmission and sensors to lighting technique. Apart from data transmission and based on demographic changes also medical concepts become important, because these allow patients to stay as long as possible in their own home. Solving approaches for sensory POF in smart textiles can contribute an important part of assistance.

The second product demonstration will be in the framework of the newly developed conditioning technology allows for the first time that multiple 3D-foam geometries (extruded polystyrene foam – EPS form parts) can be produced with a new tool concept. The concept consists of multiple positioning pins and a fibre enforced form-flexible membrane. The changeable positioning pins allow also the change of the cavity of the tool, meaning the room between the two tool halves, thus allowing the manufacture of varied 3D foam. This in turn permits an economic manufacture of a great number of EPS forming parts. The process allows users of composite heat insulation systems new possibilities of wall design.bILD 3 ita

Extruded polystyrene foam – EPS form parts are used as heat insulation system for the plate geometry in building restoring. This invited the critic of architects, because the plate geometry is causing a monotonous city view, thus this leads to an identity loss of building complexes.“Textiles are multitalented. There is practically no limit in their design and formability, they are light and also resource friendly. Textiles deliver in many different living areas an important environmental friendly contribution, comments Prof. Thomas Gries, head of ITA. “That ITA  was selected with two themes at such an important Event  proves that we perform and educate realistic research on contemporary important subject.” 

The “Week of the environment” sees its fifth edition at Chateau Bellevue, and on invitation of the German President Joachim Gauck and the German Federal Foundation Environment. Trade visitors and experts will see the selected exhibitors at 170 booths and enjoy speeches and discussions. Subjects are environment friendly techniques and technologies, products and services. Around 12000 guests are expected.

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