Free Webinar on Are e-Textiles on the Cusp of Rapid Growth (February 16, 2016)

Free Webinar on “Are e-Textiles on the Cusp of RapidGrowth”(February 16, 2016)

This webinar – headed by James Hayward, Technology Analyst, IDTechEx, is based on the new IDTechEx Research report E-Textiles 2016-2026. The Webinar will take 30 minutes plus 10 minutes for Questions and Answers

The topics to be covered in the webinar are as follows:

•E-textiles in context: a history of technology and competitive landscape

•Materials and components in e-textiles

•Ascending the value chain: towards commercial products today

•Trends and major plays in the industry

•Outlook and market forecasts

Technology development around e-textiles has been ongoing over the last 20 years. However, both 2014 and 2015 have seen the record books rewritten for the number of new products, amount of private funding, and number of companies involved in e-textiles. In this webinar we will look at the e-textiles industry as a whole, starting at the material level before ascending the entire value chain in its nascent state. We will observe the key trends in the industry, explaining the recent upsurge in interest and investment, outlining case studies of several large players entering the market, and outlining the problems that are opportunities for future market leaders. Finally, we will share IDTechEx’s most recent market forecasting in this space, quantifying the opportunity going forward.


                       Webinar No. 1: Europe & Asia-Pacific

09:30am          (GMT) London

10:30am          (GMT+1) Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome

11:30am          (GMT+2) Athens, Jerusalem, Moscow

04:30pm          (GMT+7) Bangkok

05:30pm          (GMT+8) Singapore, Taipei, Beijing

06:30pm          (GMT+9) Tokyo, Seoul

08:30pm          (GMT+11) Canberra

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                        Webinar No.2: Americas

09:00am          (Pacific ST) USA & Canada

10:00am          (Mountain ST) USA & Canada

11:00am          (Central ST) USA & Canada

12:00noon      (Eastern ST) USA & Canada

05:00pm          (GMT) London

              Register here for Webinar No. 2

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