Textile Exchange launches new series of Material Snapshots

Textile Exchange launches new series of Material Snapshots

Textile Exchange is delighted to announce the release of the first half of its new series of Material Snapshots (the second half will be released in February), commercially available and produced in 2015 with financial support from VF Corporation and in collaboration with Brown Wilmanns Environmental LLC. The new snapshots offer a deep dive into 29 different fibres and materials, covering both “preferred” and “conventional” options

 Designed with the more technical user in mind, the snapshots combine available LCA data and information with detailed literature reviews to provide comprehensive but succinct analyses. Users looking for a summary view of a fibre or material should refer to the original set of Material Summaries produced in 2014 (previously also referred to as “Material Snapshots”).

The two sets of resources – the original Material Summaries and the new Material Snapshots – are designed to be used alongside each other within an organisation to help educate and enable informed, intelligent fibre and material choices.

We hope the new snapshots will add to the value of our resources and allow for broader usage among our membership. We are grateful to VF Corporation for their generous sponsorship of both the new and original snapshots, and for making them freely available to TE members.

Non-TE members can purchase the new Material Snapshots for USD 250 each, or the original Material Summaries for USD 50 each. For a full list of available Snapshots and Summaries, download the Background Document using the link below. You can also download a sample of each resource.


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