Japanese Mimaki to acquire Italian Meccanica Costruzione Tessili

Japanese Mimaki to acquire Italian Meccanica Costruzione Tessili

Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd. announced that it has concluded the basic agreement on purchasing stocks of an Italian company La Meccanica Costruzione Tessili-S.P.A. (hereinafter called “La Meccanica”) on December 16, 2015. The deal should be concluded by February – March 2016

MIMAKI Group has been developing and manufacturing innovative industrial inkjet printers and distributing them throughout the world. Such products are especially highly acclaimed in the European textile and apparel markets, and the group is aiming to further expand the market share.

It originated in July this year, when an Italian sales agent, which was one of our group’s major business partners introduced the group to La Meccanica, a manufacturer of devices associated with digital textile printing. La Meccanica and MIMAKI Group continued negotiations for business collaboration, and finally reached the basic agreement that MIMAKI Group purchases all the stocks that have been issued by La Meccanica.

La Meccanica is located in Bergamo, Italy, a city that is the origin of the European apparel, and it has established itself as a major brand of devices for digital textile printing over nearly 40 years. We are aiming to acquire the manufacturing know-how of digital print devices and brand power to give a boost to our existing products, and improve our competitiveness in the textile inkjet printer industry in Europe and the world.



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