EVO by Fulgar successful at late ISPO 2016

EVO by Fulgar successful at late ISPO 2016

Recently launched by Fulgar, Italian Company international leader in the manmade fibre production, EVO® by Fulgar has been a protagonist at the late ISPO 2016, the International main exhibition for sports industry, as special hi-tech ingredient of top brand’s new fabrics collections: the ideal solution to create high-performing sportswear

F.O.V. Fabric with EVO by Fulgar_95501FMade of a biopolymer entirely derived from castor beans, EVO® by Fulgar is ultra-light, super stretch and extremely breathable. It is also quickly drying, non-iron and offers natural thermal and bacteriostatic properties, ensuring maximum comfort and unmatched performance, while retaining an intense eco-awareness. Thanks to its distinctive values and benefits, EVO® by Fulgar represents right a perfect synthesis of performance and environmental sustainability, really appreciated from modern and forward-looking Companies that look for innovative and smart solutions, such as  F.O.V.and Sofileta that have been exhibiting at Ispo their novelties.

F.O.V., Sweden producer of woven fabric specialised in high-tech fabrics production, launched at Ispo 2016 its new collection: four innovative fabrics realised with EVO® by Fulgar, the revolutionary manmade fibre, high performing and 100% biological. Four special and smart fabrics developed thanks to the creative skills of F.O.V. internal designers and engineers, that always work together to satisfy their customer’s specific needs for fashion and performance. Sofileta Fabric with EVO by Fulgar_01According to its innovative approach one of the new F.O.V. fabrics (95501F) has been selected for Ispo Textrend 2016.

SOFILETA, specialised in the design, development and production of technical textiles, offering a wide range of knitted fabrics, Sofileta always invests in innovative projects. Over the last two years, Sofileta has been paying a lot of attention to a sustainable approach, thanks to continuous improvements of its internal dyeing facilities. This is why today Sofileta chooses the new smart fibre created by   Fulgar, EVO®, to add value to its products both in terms of performance and eco-awareness.

At Ispo 2016, Sofileta presented three new fabrics realised through their internal sustainableSofileta Fabric with EVO by Fulgar_02 eco-dyeing process and made using the revolutionary 100 % biological fibre EVO® by Fulgar: 1) ES15/3/25: very Light jacquard pique for top without spandex g/m2 85 g; 2) ES15/3/41: medium Weight for top or bottom stretch (2nd skin) g/m2 165 g; 3) ES14/3/21: for pants Stretch g/m2 200 g.

Ideal for running, skiwear, bikewear and football, the new Sofileta fabrics with EVO® by Fulgar combine unique performance and true respect for nature.

EVO® manufacture is supported by the cultivation of castor oil seeds that grow in arid regions not suited to other forms of agriculture. The biopolymer that forms the basic constituent of EVO® by Fulgar has no adverse impact on the human food chain, unlike many other bio-based polymers that use natural products otherwise destined for the food and agriculture.

Italian Fulgar is the international leader in the manmade fibre market with the production and distribution of polyamide 6.6 and covered elastomers in the textile and technical sector.



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