Russian Textile Association demands to develop its industry

Russian Textile Association demands to develop its industry

The Russian Textile Association, Chairperson Shamhal Ildarov pursues the idea for the development of garment production in the Caucasus as the textile industry will create up to two million new jobs and Russia will get its own domestic textile. The initiative was taken to eliminate the dependence of Russia on Turkish textiles and clothing.Investment in modern equipment

According to Ildarov, Russia is also able to produce the entire range of light industry products.

Shamhal Ildarov, who in his time, created a factory in Russia (bankrupted for losing competition with smuggled imports) believes that the domestic light industry will be competitive only in case of state support. He believes that the situation has changed today.

As to Ildarov, Dagestan could become a powerful centre for textile and light industry. The republic has a number of advantages over other regions, including – the presence of an increasing number of idle hands, the traditional love for working with fabrics, etc. Until now, it only lacked investment and political will to realise the idea into practice. However, in comparison with other sectors of the economy, the development of light industry seems to be the “cheapest” one: the cost per job is minimal.

The creation of one’s own domestic light industry is cheaper than continuing the import of finished products from abroad. According Shamkhal Ildarov “shadowy” imports of textiles into Russia reaches USS 9 billion – about one-third of the total supply.

The Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia, Viktor Evtukhov said that his ministry has already submitted a proposal to ban up to 80% of Turkish goods (light industry import) to the Russian Federation Government. Russia will have to produce substantial part of goods in the country, if it decides to impose full sanctions against the Turkish textile products.

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