ITAs Textile Master internationally and nationally validated through ASIIN accreditation

ITA’s Textile Master internationally and nationally validated through ASIIN accreditation

The international Master in Textile Technique „Master of Science in Textile Engineering” of RWTH Aachen University (M. Sc. Textile) has been accredited on January 8, 2016 by ASIIN e.V.

ITAThe Master of Science in Textile Engineering received an internationally recognised label of quality in engineering through the ASIIN accreditation. „We are happy that ASIIN also certified our quality standards“, says Prof. Gries. This also corresponds with RWTH Aachen University’s efforts to provide excellent education.

These efforts are enforced by German enterprises, as per German magazine Wirtschaftswoche from March 3, 2015, and German companies recruit preferably engineering graduates from RWTH Aachen University.

The Textile Master provides in-depth knowledge in the development and production of technical textiles. The degree aims at international engineers with a Bachelor’s degree who have gained first practical industrial working experience, and who now wish to continue their education. With its bilingual concept (English and German) it also aims at winning experts for the German industry and research community. Please find more information regarding the curricula and application procedure on:, contact:

The ASIIN e.V. (accrediting agency for courses of engineering, informatics, science and mathematics registered association), based in Düsseldorf, Germany, is an independent non-profit entity which supports the recognition, comparability and accreditation of bachelor and master degree courses nationally and internationally. The German Accreditation Council proved ASIIN as the only agency for accrediting, specialised in engineering, science, informatics and mathematics in Germany.  

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