RunLites gloves turn night into light with Innovative Wearable Tech

RunLites gloves turn night into light with Innovative Wearable Tech

You have got your sneakers laced up, a lanyard with your keys around your neck and a playlist ready-to-go.  Heading outside for a nocturnal stroll or jog, you realise what is missing: lightRunLite

Today, the dark ages of nocturnal activities are officially over as RunLites® gloves make their debut.

Turning night into light, RunLites® are an innovative wearable technology solution that puts light where it is mostly needed.  For running, walking, cycling, hiking or hunting at night or for indoor tasks in low-light areas, RunLites gloves offer a solution that replaces clunky and uncomfortable head lamps, light-up vests, clip-on lights, and  handheld lights that limit the use of your hands.

While there are nocturnal safety solutions on the market that let the user be seen, RunLites patented gloves are a more convenient,RunLite logo unobtrusive innovation that allows users to actually see what is in front of them, not just be visible to others.  Mary Tiffin, President and CEO of RunLites, invented and patented the gloves because as a runner and working mother of three, she could only find time to exercise at night and was frustrated by the inefficiency of flashlights and headlamps.

“RunLites are life lights,” said Tiffin. “RunLites gloves offer a powerful, hands-free, comfortable and wearable solution for handling the dark, no matter what the application.”

The key innovative benefits of RunLites gloves include: Lightweight and compact design, fitted with a hands-free safety light. Two brightness settings that can project 80 lumens of light up to 15 feet. 6-12 hours of USB re-chargeable battery life. Palm pocket for storage of IDs, keys, money, or music unit. Reflective strip for added safety. Unisex models in a range of colours offered in half-length dry-wickfabric (USD 34.99) and full-length polar fleece (USD 39.99).

RunLites gloves were recently named the winner of the regional Small Business Association’s InnovateHER 2016 Challenge. Tiffin likens her “aha” moment of combining gloves and flashlights to the legendary brilliance of combining peanut butter and chocolate to create Reese’s ever-popular peanut butter cups.  Drawing on her successful career background in fashion and technology, she developed RunLites with the help of the engineering team at Bucknell University’s Small Business Development Centre.

RunLites gloves are a patented wearable technology solution, offering powerful, hands-free personal LED lighting.  A next-generation wearable device designed for nocturnal or low-lit areas, RunLites replace clunky and uncomfortable headlamps, vests and clip-on lights and handheld lights.  With two brightness settings and a rechargeable USB battery, RunLites are ideal for runners, walkers, cyclists, hunters, survivalists, homeowners and anyone who wants to direct light, without limiting the use of their hands. RunLites are available online, click link below.

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