Chinese denim mill Prosperity Textile to start using Better Cotton

Chinese denim mill Prosperity Textile to start using Better Cotton

Prosperity Textile is one of the fastest growing and global best recognized denim mills in China with its production base in Shaoguan, Guangdong province, has decide to begin using Better Cotton for all its lightweight cotton denim fabrics beginning with the Spring/Summer 2017 season. According to the company, there will be no change in the price with the shift to Better Cotton. Prosperity Textile can produce up to 2 million yards per month of lightweight denim, including shirting and dress-weight fabrics

Leo Ku, president of Prosperity Textile said that they believe sustainable cotton is what every denim mill should use, and they value the importance Better Cotton has for both farmers and the industry in general.

The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) is a nonprofit organisation that seeks to bridge the cotton supply chain from farmer to retailers by providing global standards for sustainable cotton production.

Prosperity Textile’s ambitious target is an example that they hope will inspire other textile mills to be a part of the initiative, said Paola Geremicca, BCI director of communications and fund-raising. Their support, and the support of members will helps them to establish a more sustainable cotton sector.

Andrew Olah, chief executive of Olah Inc., which manages Prosperity’s U.S. sales and produces the Kingpins denim trade show, said more retailers and brands are looking to source sustainable cotton. In addition to Olah Inc., Levi Strauss & Co., G-Star Raw, Marks & Spencer, Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas, H&M, IKEA, VF, Inditex and Nike are members of BCI.

Olah said that more and more of their customers are seeking fabrics made with sustainable cotton, and Better Cotton is one excellent option.

Founded in 1995, Prosperity Textile is a vertically integrated denim production facility with the capacity to produce 60 million yards annually. The company provides research and development, design, and manufacturing services to customers worldwide.

Properity Textile’s dyes, weaves and finishes its fabrics in weights ranging from 5 oz. to 15 oz. for menswear, womenswear and children’s wear. In addition to BCI cotton, Prosperity also produces fabric from other sustainable fibres including Tencel, hemp, recycled materials and organic cotton.

With 20 offices around the world, Prosperity Textile sells all over the globe. However, 50 per cent of their sales come from Chinese customers and nearly 25 percent sales is in the US and 25 percent is in Europe.

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