First Full-Spectrum Hydration Wearable

First Full-Spectrum Hydration Wearable

For everyone from elite athletes to consumers to critical care patients, Nobo is introducing B60, its non-invasive hydration & fluid balance monitoring wearable, at this year’s International CES that took place from January 6-9, in Las Vegas (USA).  For the first time, wearers will be able to actively monitor their real-time hydration levels – from dehydration to over-hydration and everything in between

B60 is a wearable device that uses proprietary (patent-pending) technology to leverage water’s well understood light absorption characteristics. By illuminating certainNobo sites of the body with near-infrared light and measuring the light returned, information about both the body’s total water content and other important biometrics are revealed – and can be measured, tracked and monitored in real-time.

Designed to withstand the fiercest of competitive sports, B60 features a rugged neoprene rubber band to hold the device firmly in place and ensure continuous accurate readings. Its moulded plastic housing contains the device’s light emitters and sensors, and the interactive display, which changes from the balanced state of white to red or blue, based on real-time changes in hydration levels and represents states of dehydration or over-hydration. 

“Historically the technology behind measuring hydration has been too complex to implement in a model that can scale to mass market adoption,” said Russ Rymut, founder and CEO of Nobo. “And despite the desire to prevent the thousands of hydration-related health issues that occur annually, the tools available to measure an individual’s hydration have been rudimentary. With this technology we now have the ability to provide real-time, actionable insight into the individual hydration levels of each and every person who wears our device.”

In order to develop its technology based on the real needs of athletes, consumers and patients, Nobo’s founder Mr. Rymut consulted with multiple athletic trainers and sports scientists at the professional and collegiate levels, as well as healthcare professionals throughout the spectrum of patient care.

“Fluid management is not only about detecting dehydration, but is an infinitely more nuanced problem of maintaining the proper fluid balance in the face of physical exertion, trauma and disease,” said Mr. Rymut.  “Nobo’s technology quantifies fluid balance allowing all of its users to not only understand and monitor their hydration status in real time, but make adjustments accordingly.”

Slated for a mid-2016 release, B60 will initially be made available to partnering athletic teams, with a limited release to the general public to follow.

Headquartered near Milwaukee, Nobo is a technology company that develops non-invasive sensing technologies for clinicians, athletic trainers and motivated consumers to approach and understand the human body in entirely new ways. The company helps its users measure and interpret important physiologic signals so they can act on the results to improve health and physical performance. Nobo’s first product is a wearable device that continuously measures an individual’s fluid and hydration levels.

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