Post-ITMA Reviews by exhibitors

Post-ITMA Reviews by exhibitors 

Please note that these are the last TextileFuture News in 2015, and, we terminate also the Post-ITMA reports! We resume publishing on January 11, 2016


Swiss Stäubli showcased successfully 13 novelties at ITMA 2015

For Stäubli, a leading manufacturer of high-speed textile machinery since 1892, ITMA was an excellent occasion to present its latest innovations to the public. Several thousand visitors showed strong interest in the new high-performance products, and many appreciated the inviting booth and the hospitality of the Stäubli staff. The Stäubli product brand DEIMO knitting solutions showcased its know-how at a separate attractively designed booth in the knitting hall.

The international Stäubli team gladly received the many customers and other interested persons, who confirmed that Stäubli’s strategy is well aligned with market needs. A number of business agreements were made at the show, and the Stäubli sales teams is busy to convert the significant interest shown at ITMA into concrete business during the forthcoming months. Following this successful trade fair, Stäubli is looking forward to 2016 with strong optimism.

Outstanding performance is always based on good preparation, and this applies particularly to weaving. That is why Stäubli has again expanded its range of weaving preparation solutions. The SAFIR S60 automatic drawing-in machine, offering the highest levels of efficiency and productivity, has been successfully launched. Interested visitors watched it in operation and were amazed by the dependable automatic optical yarn & colour detection functions. Also launched recently is the SAFIR S40 automatic drawing-in system with mobile drawing-in trucks, which is especially interesting for denim weavers. It was creatively presented in an attractive holograph displaying the system details and showing the Matterhorn covered in denim.

From an elevated deck at the booth, visitors could perfectly observe the new SX, LX and LXL Jacquard machines operating in combination with Stäubli Jacquard harnesses and healds. The high-performance weaving machinery setups produced sophisticated applications like OPW (one piece woven) airbags and African damask, underlining the profound system understanding Stäubli provides to weavers by means of its Jacquard weaving machinery in combination with Stäubli Jacquard accessories.

A large part of the booth was dedicated to the newly unveiled ALPHA 500 INNOVATION carpet weaving system with an accessible weavers stand. It generated great attention, especially as it was in operation weaving the most diverse and innovative carpets. Another highlight and world premiere was demonstrated by the Stäubli product brand Schönherr carpet systems: Magic Shadow Effect (patent pending) for weaving single-colour carpets featuring astounding designs.

The Stäubli product area DEIMO knitting solutions presented a world novelty to the knitting industry, which responded with amazement: the D4S fully automatic toe-linking device. Installed directly on the knitting machine, it permits unloading socks on the fly and ensures very short downtimes.


German Brückner celebrates the most successful ITMA ever

This year’s ITMA in Milan was for the German textile machinery producer BRÜCKNER in every respect a complete success. The new corporate design underlined perfectly the guiding idea of the exhibition to provide for more sustainability in the production processes of the textile value-added chain. The great number of visitors and the quality of the discussions exceeded by far the expectations.


The throughout positive feedback for our participation and mainly for the exhibited innovations was for the complete BRÜCKNER team a confirmation for their work.  Many projects have been discussed on the fair in detail and technological solutions have been prepared together with the customers. During the eight days in Milan, BRÜCKNER closed deals in the double-digit million range. The variety of the projects is very pleasing: Machines for finishing of woven and knitted fabrics, coating lines for technical textiles and lines for the carpet industry. BRÜCKNER could score in all fields due to new technologies and competent advisory service. And there was a great interest for spare parts and the modernisation of existing lines.

There was a great interest on the fair for sustainable and energy-saving products. BRÜCKNER offered beside the new and efficient stenter concept POWER-FRAME ECOLINE mainly innovations in the field of coating technology. They presented the new application unit ECO-COAT which has been developed particularly for minimum applications. This unit allows impregnations as well as applications on one and on both sides of the fabric. The minimum application quantities require in the following drying processes clearly less water evaporation which has a positive effect on the energy requirement at the respective dryer.

The new software tool ECO-MATIC has been excellently received by the customers. It supports the user and helps to question and check again and again the ongoing processes. The tool leads to a more efficient handling of the machine and the resources. The result of the optimisations shows in a significant saving of resources and cost. This software

 functions not only in new machines and leads to a clearly better understanding of the relation between machine technology and finishing process by the users.

“Our customers have a true interest in sustainable products and know by now the benefits of life cycle considerations. In most cases the investment in high-quality machines turns out to be profitable because the consumption of energy and spare parts as well as the maintenance over the lifetime of the product are clearly lower. The positive feedback by our customers show the success of our product development in sustainable, efficient and reliable machines. We will consequently follow this way also in future.” explains Regina BRÜCKNER, owner and CEO of the BRÜCKNER group. “Thus we bank also in future on Germany with its skilled labour as a location for industry. We ensure thereby that our lines “made in Germany” satisfy the high expectances of our customers regarding quality and efficiency.”



59 Spanish exhibitors are very satisfied with business result at ITMA 2015

There were 59 Spanish exhibiting companies, of which 33 are associated to amec amtex, Spanish Textile Machinery Manufacturers Association:


































In addition to the great number of visitors, the Spanish companies associated to amec amtex have shown their satisfaction for the quantity and quality of visitors. They also ensure to have perceived more interest in starting projects and purchasing machinery. It can be stated that the sector tends to recover in the near future, and this will be verified in next ITMA edition, in Barcelona from June 20 – 26, 2019.

The Spanish Textile Machinery and Garment Association (amec amtex), full member of CEMATEX, European Committee of Manufacturers of Textile Machinery, is in charge of the coordination of Spanish industries that participated at ITMA. amec amtex belongs to amec (Business Multilateral Association), a private non-profit entity, which has been promoting for more than 45 years Spanish exports of industrial goods in various sectors.

Italian Marzoli was a busy business place at ITMA 2015

Marzoli LogoITMA Milan 2015 has definitely been a great success for Marzoli: more than three thousand visitors from over 80 countries, several contracts finalized with major clients and, above all, a great deal of interest towards Marzoli machines and innovations

Marzoli machines set the lead in spinning technology, all our clients have recognized that; but the great affluence to Marzoli’s stand has also been fostered by the great deal of innovation that we have leveraged in the last four years.

At ITMA Milan 2015 Marzoli has showcased several products that have ascertained more than mere interest to many clients: Marzoli C701 card, the carding machine with an active surface of 3.74 square metres, and with an innovative geometry that allows to reach high production levels with low peripheral speed of the main cylinder for lower stress on the fibers and less wear of the carding flats.

The new Marzoli CM7 LP Comber, which thanks to a completely revised kinematics and lighter materials (e.g. aluminum and titanium), can reach a mechanical speed of 600 nips per minute and production levels up to 85 Kg/h. Circular and top combs, thanks to their highly advanced technology and the auto-cleaning system of the top comb, guarantee leading quality performance with a substantial reduction of IPI values. The new comber can also be equipped with a cutting-edge automatic lap piecing technology that allows to reliably substitute the empty tubes with the new laps, to piece them and to restart the machine in less than 2 and a half minutes without any human intervention.

The evolutionary of Marzoli FT Roving Frame offers the following highlights:Marzoli Roving Frame 2

o          Number of spindles up to 224.

o          Multi-motor drive for the flyers to reduce energy consumption.

o          New design of head and rear stocks for the reduction of required space.

o          Individual sensors, one for each spinning position, to  always guarantee the immediate stop of the machine in case of roving breakage.

The new Marzoli Integrated Transport System: The product is available in two versions: the MTR (Marzoli random transport) and the MTT (Marzoli block creeling solution), with trolley trains that can also enter the doffer rail of the new FT60 and FT70 roving frames and the creel of spinning frames.


Marzoli Transport System

At ITMA 2015 great interest was paid to the innovative Integrated Bobbin Cleaner placed on the exchanger, the IBC (Marzoli patented). This innovation cleans the dirty tubes before changing them with full bobbins and discloses the following benefits:

No need of a separate cleaner.

Fewer chain stops and less chain downtime for a regular supply of full bobbins to the spinning frames, less energy consumption and less stress on the chain components. In traditional transport systems the chain stops for two reasons: because there is a dirty tube in front of the cleaner, because there is an empty tube in front of the exchanger. With the new IBC the chain stops only for one reason, because there is an empty tube in front of the exchanger, and if the tube is dirty then the IBC cleans it.

Marzoli Remote Maintenance (the MRM): the innovative platform that draws on the data gathered by processors and additional sensors installed in critical parts of the machines to continuously monitor the state of health of the machinery. The data regarding temperatures, power consumption and vibrations are sent to an IoT platform, provided by Microsoft, where they are analysed through special algorithms developed by Marzoli. These algorithms verify that the monitored parameters are inside the machine nominal operating ranges according to the machine working parameters and room condition: if these are not working properly, the information will be immediately transferred to alert the client.

This innovation guarantees several advantages: prevention of machine failures, longer running life of the machine components, more effective maintenance of the mill.


Swiss Crealet is pleased on outturn of ITMA 2015

The CREALET booth was bustling throughout the show with guests gathering information on the latest products and services. A broad portfolio of innovative solutions such as warp thread feeding, narrow and wide weaving machines, and warp knitting machines were presented

Crealet 1

Crealet 2Items of particular interest to both visitors and the media were the innovative CS2 Selvedge Thread Let-off and the conversions from mechanical to electronic let-off for narrow weaving machines. These new technologies replace conventional systems using a new independent control option. With these new innovations, users are given greater flexibility and can optimize their weaving processes more efficiently.

Visitors were also excited to learn about CREALET’s portfolio of products for wide weaving machines. These include conversion possibilities for Projectile Weaving Machines as well as the possibility of additional warp beam frames that can be placed behind either weaving or warp knitting machines.

Walter Wirz, General Manager of CREALET, was very positive about this year’s ITMA: “We had a highly successful ITMA 2015 with very positive feedback on the presented CREALET novelties. We have had very qualified discussions with numerous visitors and made many new contacts, thus strengthening our position as an innovative and competitive company.”


German Reiners + Fürst claims more orders than expected from ITMA 2015

The recent ITMA exhibition in Milan was one of the most successful exhibitions ever in the 70 year history of R+F. Over 450 visitors at the prominent R+F booth mark a record. But more important is the large number of discussions with high professionals who showed great interest in the latest developments of German Reiners + Fürst.

Reiners+Fürst Booth at ITMADuring the show R+F presented the next generation of TURBO chromium coated rings and a selection of enhanced ring travellers. R+F is thankful to all customers and reports a 3 times higher order intake during ITMA than expected.

Many customers contact R+F in search for advice and solutions not only involving rings and travellers but also about possible optimization of the whole spinning frame. This fact underlines the trust customers have in R+F’s product developments and high professional expertise in the field of ring spinning. Together with its worldwide network of agents and warehouses R+F stands as a reliable partner to the ring spinning industry.

R+F is a leading manufacturer of premium spinning rings and ring travellers with a long tradition as a family-owned business in the 4th generation. R+F successfully implements the policy of “in-house manufacturing” for setting premium quality standards. The inventions of R+F mark several milestones for highest efficiencies and yarn qualities over extended service life times in the history of ring spinning. Customers all over the world benefit from R+F’s continuous product innovations and service made in Germany for over 70 years.


WEKO launched at ITMA 2015 “Triple-C-Effect” as an innovative denim finishing method

German WEKO Weitmann & Konrad GmbH & Co. KG convinced the denim manufacturers at the ITMA Show in Milan of a new finishing process. The process is based on the proven non-contact minimum application system WFA (WEKO-Fluid-Application-System), which – in addition to an important process speed-up – offers optimal quality results also standing up to the critical look and the hand feel analysis for softness of the international denim manufacturers. Particularly the benefits of WFA can be combined to the “WEKO-Triple-C-Effect”: contact-free, chemical savings, cost reduction

Jointly with Lilienweiß GmbH and Textilchemie Dr. Petry GmbH, WEKO has been tinkering with a new denim finishing process over the past months with which to replace the padding methods, often requiring much energy, time and thereby cost, by a new process. They have now succeeded! Marcel Konrad, Managing Director of Sales and Marketing at WEKO reveals: “The feedback has exceeded our expectations. Queues sometimes lined up at our booth because the interested and curious parties were willing to wait for detailed consultation. We are very happy that saving chemicals (up to 60%) and energy (up to 70%) has been met with large interest also on the international level. After all, this is what drives us in the end to invest into new methods. And, in addition, our sustainable approach provides our customers with cost effective and high-performance solutions to meet the challenges of their unique markets. Our trade fair team was engaged in technical discussions with interested parties from India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Turkey, China and – amazing to us – even from Brazil.”

The non-contact application system WFA offers the same bandwidth of denim finishing like padding, regardless whether resin or flat finish, fixation of indigo and sulphur dyes, tinting and over-dyeing, softness, lustre or brilliance. Even base coating for leather and glossy finishes is not only possible with the WEKO system, it can be achieved more efficiently in term of economics.

Turkish Has Group with impressive number of visitors at ITMA 2015 in Milan

Has the booth at  ITMA 2015 in Milan

Has and its new star products

Has Visitor profile at ITMA 2015

 The Has Team with agents at the booth ITMA 2015





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