ITA Smart Wearables received prominent visitors at IT Summit 2015

ITA Smart Wearables received prominent visitors at IT Summit 2015

ITA, Institute für Textiltechnik (Institute of textile technology) of RWTH Aachen University presented „Smart Wearables – intelligence on the body in an intelligent linked world“ at the IT Summit 2015 in Berlin, Germany

Booth of Smart WearablesThe exhibit presented the production chain of Smart Textiles of intelligent linked wearables. The production process in a Smart Factory was showcased step-by step. Smart Factories allows customers to participate on the enhancement of Wearables.

The customer can co-design at different positions of the production process, as the machines are linked and managed via the Internet of Things. The booth shows these cyber-physical system for the production of textile Wearables.

The first step designs a draft of an idea, following the draft is transformed into a functionalised semis. These can be fitted in a adequate configuration with other electronic components. At this stage a 3D printer functionalises textile structures with electronic components. The data of the produce can be customised further in further services.

At the booth, a path from the idea to the production of an intelligent fabric was shown. ITA presents its competence in the research field of process chains for functional textiles. The multitude of possible final products is showcased with product examples of German start-ups. The booth operates with partners of the Design Research Labs, Berlin, the Federal Printing GmbH, Berlin, the German Telekom AG, Bonn, Intel Germany GmbH, Neubiberg, Otto Bock Halthcare GmbH, Duderstadt, SAP SE, Walldorf and the senate administration for Economy, Technology and Research of Berlin.

During the two days of the summit, the booth welcomed prominent visitors, such as the Chancellor of Germany, Dr. Angela Merkel; the Federal Minister of Economy Sigmar Gabriel;ITA ProGlove Labour Minister Andrea Nahles; Research Minister Prof. Dr. Johanna Wanka, Interior Minister Dr. Thoma Maizière, Traffic Minister Alexander Dobrindt, the State Minister for Culture and Media, Prof. Monika Grütters, and the Parliamentary State Secretary in the Federal Ministery for Economy and Energy, Brigitte Zypries.

The prominent visitors and the participation of important industrial partners are underlining the relevance of Smart Wearables. ITA presented itself as an important partner in the development of innovative production systems for textiles with enhanced functionality. In the large project FDream2Lab2Fab, a research infrastructure for the industry near development of production technologies for Smart Textiles. The latter serves to develop new solutions for Smart textiles, and jointly with industry partners. At Cebit 2016 (March 14 – 18) in Hannover the exhibit will be showcased anew at the booth of the Federal Ministery of Economy and Energy in Hall 6.

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