Swiss Retech offered at ITMA 2015 new possibilities of inspiration to its customers

Swiss Retech offered at ITMA 2015 new possibilities of inspiration to its customers

For Retech AG from Switzerland this ITMA 2015 was an extremely encouraging exhibition where its complete product range was presented in operation in a very nice showcaseRetech 1

Our customer could not only be aware of the blue yarn running, but also see very special details of all our products:

On the heated godets we were able to explain exactly why our heating is optimized due to a perfect temperature profile and also show in situ the new temperature transmitter in the form of the famous Swiss biscuit: the Willisauringli. Customers learned also that the motor capacity of our godets is optimizable to the individual needs of every application and implementation.

We were able to demonstrate our newly developed surface temperature measurement device and we are satisfied with the very positive feedback from our visitors: This is the device, they missed in their quality control. We are happy to close this gap and can now offer this new device to a variety of companies.

The blue yarn also passed through our ABSR, the air bearing separator rollers. Our visitors could see the quality, the low maintenance and most important the smooth running.

The tension sensors and the corresponding software of this online yarn tension measurement were visible on the display of the showcases and disclosed a practical and clearly arranged program. 

Over all, we can proudly say that our blue thread definitely moves on, and it inspired our customers to new possibilities!

During the show, we could meet and discuss with many existing customers and, thus also very important, new, potential customers showed interest in our products, and we are looking forward to future partnerships and collaborations with them.

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