AATCC to Release 2016 Technical Manual

AATCC to Release 2016 Technical Manual

The newest volume of the AATCC Technical Manual is available beginning January 1, 2016. Each year, the manual includes new test methods, as well as revisions and updates of existing methods and evaluation procedures for textiles

There is one new method in the 2016 AATCC Technical Manual. Test Method (TM) 204-2015, Water Vapour Transmission of Textiles was approved within the last year by research committee RA63 to determine the relative water vapor transmission of textiles. Unlike some existing vapour transmission methods, TM204 was developed specifically for evaluating textiles.

There are also eight revised methods appearing for the first time in the 2016 volume, as follows:

•             TM23-2015, Colourfastness to Burnt Gas Fumes

•             TM70-2015, Water Repellency: Tumble Jar Dynamic Absorbency Test

•             TM110-2015, Whiteness of Textiles

•             TM111-2015, Weather Resistance of Textiles: Exposure to Daylight and Weather

•             TM135-2015, Dimensional Changes of Fabrics after Home Laundering

•             TM164-2015, Colourfastness to Oxides of Nitrogen in the Atmosphere under High Humidities

•             TM186-2015, Weather Resistance: UV Light and Moisture Exposure

•             TM200-2015, Drying Rate of Textiles at their Absorbent Capacity: Air Flow Method

Editorial revisions were made to correct or clarify tables, figures, and references in several methods:

•             TM20A-2014, Fibre Analysis: Quantitative

•             TM148-2015, Light Blocking Effect of Textiles and Related Materials: Photodetector Method

•             TM173-2015, CMC: Calculation of Small Colour Differences for Acceptability

•             Evaluation Procedure 7, Instrumental Assessment of the Change in Colour of a Test Specimen

•             Monograph 6-2013, Standardization of Home Laundry Test Conditions.

AATCC is known worldwide for its test methods and evaluation procedures, particularly those related to chemistry, colourfastness, laundering, moisture management, and water resistance. Each document is reviewed, and approved by a committee of industry experts before publication. All are welcome to participate in the committees. Varied perspectives are valued and every submitted comment is considered in the development or revision of a method.  AATCC believes this consensus approach creates the best, most robust test methods to serve a diverse modern textile industry.

As always, the 2016 volume of the AATCC Technical Manual contains all 150+ current AATCC test methods, evaluation procedures, and monographs.  The hard-bound black and gold book is a staple reference in many textile laboratories. The PDF version offers the added convenience of a search function and hyperlinks among cross-referenced methods. The newest version of either is critical for meeting current testing requirements and specifications.

The hard-bound 2016 Technical Manual and searchable PDF version will be available January 1, 2016.


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