The new XENO-platform by SSM attracted a high number of visitors at ITMA 2015

The new XENO-platform by SSM attracted a high number of visitors at ITMA 2015

SSM and SSM GIUDICI showed eight new product launches and a total of fourteen applications on their booth. The new XENO-platform attracted an extraordinary number of visitors

Swiss based SSM Schärer Schweiter Mettler AG, the inventor of the electronic yarn traverse system, continued their tradition of trendsetting with the presentation ofThe well visited booth of Swiss SSM at ITMA 2015 in Milan breakthrough technologies. SSM showed new solutions for cost effective winding and yarn processing. Thanks to the new introduced DIGICONE® 2 winding algorithm, an increase of up to 20% on dye package density with unchanged dye-recipes is possible. Six new product launches in the Winding & Doubling segments and two in False-Twist & Air-Texturing were presented for the first time

SSM was impressed by the number of high quality visitors. Many interesting discussions concerning open projects or about the latest SSM-equipment were reported. In the end of the show, several orders had been concluded during ITMA. Once more, the excellent reputation of SSM, as the market leader in the above mentioned fields, was acknowledged and with their worldwide service network, SSM is able to provide the maximum return on customer’s investments.

The machines and the booth layout at the show were adapted to the event and a good choice; overall, the impression of the booth was well received by the customers. Extremely strong interest was recorded for the new XENO-platform (XENO-YW, -BW & -FW for winding and XENO-YD, -BD & -FD for assembly winding) as well as for the SSM GIUDICI TG2-AT & -FT with individual automatic frontal doffer. The DURO-TW & -TD for technical yarns as well as the TK2-20 CT & KTE for sewing thread inspired the crowd as well. With the NOVA-CS, SSM GIUDICI took the advantage of the disappearance, respectively difficulties of European CCY machine producers to become niche leaders in the high-end segment.

Besides of the presented applications, SSM introduced the new X-Series (PSX-W/D, PWX-W and TWX-W/D which will be shown at ITMA Asia 2016) for Dye Package Winding/Rewinding and Assembly Winding as well as the well-known machines for Air Covering, Draw Winding and Yarn Singeing.

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